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New to TRT. Is High Estrogen Causing Me to React in Anger Quicker?


I got labCorp results and it shows that my Estrogen is 33.9 and the reference range is 8-35. Idk what it was before 10 weeks 100mg weekly all I know is Test went from 209 and now 757. But I have estrogen and all the other important tests as defy medical requested it before my initial consultation?

Ever since I started I noticed I’m more short tempered and sensitive, especially at my job. Like I’m getting in verbal cat fights with chicks I couldn’t normally give a shit about. Wtf?!


Likely has nothing to do with estrogen. You went from 200s to 700s. It will take time to adjust to your new found assertiveness.


that is GREAT News Emcon456 your Testosterone Increased so MUCH, is it the Injections Protocol you’re on? @Emcon456


Likely more to do with a shift in neurotransmitters as a result of trt. Probably more dopamine and norepinephrine floating around.

It takes time to adjust to trt and mood, etc.


We really can’t help until you post a full set of labs, if SHBG is lower estrogen may be too high for you.




I’m also taking 40mg dexedrine for adult add. Is that contributing as this is the first time I’m on both T-Replacement and Dexedrine at the same time?


Good too hear, how much STRONGER do you feel now bro?


I’m not a dr but I would say absolutely. I would think trt amplifies the effects of Dexedrine.


What’s weird I’m dependent on it so it’s hard as hell to cut down even with T replacement. Why do you say it’s affecting ?


A guy quadruples his TESTOSTERONE levels and immediately starts getting into “catfights” with girls at the office. :joy::joy::joy::joy: Absolutely amazing world we live in. You just need to chill out and let your body adjust. Drop the arimidex.


Have you considered splitting your dose into 2 weekly shots? This will help curb the roller coaster. My T was at a 253 when I started TrT , I was also prescribed the same dose as yourself. Then I had my bloodwork drawn at 9 weeks into it and my T had shot up to 813. The body takes awhile to adjust. I split my dose in half and have noticed a huge difference. There will be a growing pain period of changing your dosage. I would drop AI, split dose, then decide how well or bad you feel in 6 weeks of dosage change.



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Injections done at PCP doc every Friday however thank GOD today I have phone consultation with DEFY medical for new protocol and I will pay to get prescriptions of next 3 months shipped to my house.

I will be able to inject twice weekly now. My last was done on Friday so should I do next one on Monday and Fridays for now on…basicallh 1/2 of what he prescribed per week?

Also it looks pretty hard to inject myself in back hip lol


Nice to see Ya again brother Emcon, and good increase injections on your TEST levels :). Keep Up those damn Cat fights too with the ladies!!! haha