New to TRT. I Need Help with Dosing

Hi everyone.

I wanted to ask for help in choosing a correct dose to start TRT.

I decided to look into trt due to all the typical symptoms. Lack of sex drive(I used to want sex every day), brain fog, tired all the time… Lack of strength and muscle compared to about 8 years ago.

I got some tests I’ll post below. My doc said everything was fine and a that I was just tired. End I said the same thing. In my country there really is no trt treatment. The only docs that do it want to give you super expensive pellets since there is no money or be made from injections since they are super cheap at the pharmacy and they don’t require prescription.

Honestly I am just tired of feeling like crap. So I decided to jump on trt by myself.

What would you recommend as a starting dose? I was thinking 150mg test E. Split up into two shots a week. So 75mg per shot. The test that I got is Primoteston depot 250mg /1ml ampule.

Also I am going subQ. What size needles do you recommend? How long should they be in metric units?

I am 33 years old. 178cm tall and at around 24%bodyfat.

Weight 76kg

Test results.: Total test: 5.30ng/mL. Range: 2.5-8.4 ng/mL.

Free test: 0.01470 ng/mL Range: 0.007 - 0.0227 ng/mL

Estriado: 26.2 pg/mL. Range: 25.8 - 60.7

LH: 3.3 mUI/nL. Range: 1.7 - 8.6 mUI/mL

Fsh: 5.1mUI/nL. Range: 1.5 - 12.4 mUI/mL

Prolactin: 14.35 ng/mL. Range: 4.6 - 21.4 ng/mL

Albumin: 4.9 g/dL. Range :3.5 - 5.2 g/dL

(T3) 1.38 Range: 0.8 - 2.0 ng/mL

(T4) 7.95 Range: 5.1 - 14.1 µg/dL

free (T4) 1.14 Range: 1.0 - 1.7 ng/dL

(TSH) 3.05 Range: 0.19 - 4.92 µUI

Any help is much appreciated.

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That might be a little high starting dosage, I would start out at 50mg twice weekly. Just remember to give each protocol at least 6 weeks, preferably 8 weeks before deciding to increase/decrease the dosage as hormones are in flux during those first 4-6 weeks after dosing changes.


What country are you in?

@uberball I would most definitely recommend a starting dose of 150mg a week split into twice weekly shots as you stated. Guys doing well on 100mg a week are in the minority. 200mg a week can be a very high starting dose for a lot of men. 150mg a week, based on the experience I have attained over time, is my current recommended starting dose. Assess after 8 weeks.

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Yeah I think that I am going to go with the 150mg weekly.

As far as the syringes to go subq. Would you recommend 31 or 30 gauge?

Also the ampule that I got says 250mg/1ml, of which 189mg is test. I would assume the 150mg total is based upon the 250mg and not the 189mg correct?

Wait, so it is based on the 189mg that the ampule contains and no the total of the ampule of 250mg?

150mg out of your 250mg/mL is 0.6mL.

So do two shots a week of 0.3mL. It’s a small enough amount that you can get away with Sub-Q. IM is preferable if you can.

You may find 30-31 a bit too small and will have a tough time pushing the oil through. 27s are a good pick for this.


Exactly what I was thinking.

Thank you Danny.

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Given your levels, I would start with at least 150mg a week. I’d be fine with once weekly dosing, but nothing wrong with twice. I’d be open to increasing the dose sown the road.

I’ve never tried anything smaller than 27g, 1/2inch needles. I find 23g, 1inch painless so for me the issue would difficulty squeezing out the carrier oil with smaller needles.


Yeah I wanted to star at 150mg run it for 8 weeks run bloods and see how I feel. Then determine if I need to go up or down. But like you said most likely up.

What would you say is a good percentage for increase? 20% more?

The 27g and 23g that you used are subQ or IM?

That would be good. See how you do and go from there.

The 27s were half inch, in the hip, shallow IM.

23s are one inch, IM.

That’s where I inject. Best place ever. No need to use anything else. Simple and virtually painless.

Near the hip bone? Do you inject from the front or the side of the hip?

Side… Just do a YouTube search for ventrogluteal injection.