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New to TRT. How Long to Feel Improvement?

What up t nation!!! I just started trt at 24( young I know) I lifted consistently for the past two years but over the past year ive been losing strength and stamina. My libido has tanked the last three years to literally ZERO. So I ordered an at home test from amazon and mailed it to the lab. Came back at 383. Then went to labcorp for a 2nd and was 486, and free t only 12 from a 9 to 30 or so range I believe.went to a trt clinic and am now on 150 mg test cyp per week, hcg and arimidex. How long till I feel improvements???

Dosages please. Injection frequency, E2? Did they suggest anything else first or just put you on TRT?

Let’s start out by posting all labs including ranges, you should have done SHBG and estrogen. Theses two tests should dictate your TRT protocol, dosage and injection frequency.

You ask how long till you start feeling better, well if you’re on the wrong protocol all you’ll feel a increased symptoms. If SHBG is on the lower end and obese, I expect more symptoms and little benefit.

If you’re on the right protocol for you, I expect to see major changes by 6-12 months. If you’re expecting big improvements right away, you’ll be disappointed.

I know these commercials are all about “low testosterone”, but what about your thyroid hormones?

Those with low thyroid hormones will see little benefit on TRT.

It’s different for everybody, but you can start to feel it after two weeks and will continue to get more benefits over the first year.

Damn! I really hate to see someone so young start injecting, and will have to keep doing so for the rest of his life, just because he didn’t have enough information to get ALL the proper bloodwork and doesn’t even know what other options are out there.

TRT at 24?

Did you really not exhaust all other lifestyle options before this?

Like CUT OUT ALL alcohol, don’t smoke or take drugs, eat a balanced diet (yes, wholesome foods), get on a proper resistance training program (get a coach to help you with this), get 8 hours of sleep, change your jobs to accommodate all this and live with less stress?

Why cant people in this world just work hard to improve their health, rather than taking the magic bullets?

TRT at 24 sounds to me like a magic bullet excuse rather than, I am going to fight this and change myself for the best.

Not for nothing but that most likely isnt an option to most people. At 24 i know i was living check to check and definitely was not in the posistion to quit my job or throw out my wife and kids for a less stressful environment. I started TRT at 30 with a TT of 71 and free t almost non existant. My life has changed for the better in so many ways. I was having serious issues with BP because of low T and had been having all the symptoms since I was a teenager and just never knew what was going on. I wish I had found TRT at 24 and missed out on the additional 6 years of suffering. The only reason i made it to 30 was because I had a child young and knew she depended on me. I would have thrown in the towel years ago most likely due to depression anxiety and just feeling like complete shit 24/7.

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Why would you bump something instead of answering the 25 questions that were asked of you?


Dosages- 150mg test cyp, split into two injections per week.400Iug hcg two a week. .3 mg arimidex once a week

I do stand by what i said but your numbers arnt off the charts like i was. I suppose they could be salvagable if the right things were done. Now all that fantasy talk about hiring trainers and quiting jobs obviously isnt feasible unless you are being financially supported by a well off parent or something, however you could try clomid and address the environmental factors that are realistic. Are you ready for a lifetime of injections and being chained to a medication? I knew this wasnt an issue when i started because i had been on methadone for close to a decade. For a first few years I basically had to go to the clinic every single day, on their schedule. weekends, holidays, you name it. That meant being late for work certain days and not being able to leave town. It was a giant sacrafice but it gave me a new lease on life. I now only go twice a month and its not really a a giant burden but my life is still dictated by “liquid cuffs” as some call it and now testosterone. Alot of people just are not ready for something like that. Just think that through before you remain shutdown for too long and risk lowering your natural numbers furthur. But if you know you are ready for that responsibility and the sacrafices that come with it then stay the course and enjoy life.

you’re right. some young guys don’t know much (from what i’ve read), but just want trt. but theres also a lot of young guys that really needs it because of hypogonadism. im 27 diagnose with hypo.

I am glad that TRT changed your life.

But without sounding insensitive, why did you decide to establish a family in your 20s if you were living paycheck to paycheck?

Didnt decide to. Had a drug problem and a crazy gf that most likely got pregnant on purpose. Found out i had a child coming and decided to get serious about getting clean. My big mistake was marrying her. My current wife does everything for my oldest child and her actual mother pretty much doesn’t even see her any more.

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Do y’all think that just a low thyroid could cause this many problems?? I seriously hope i have a low thyroid so I can discontinue the trt,and I understand how y’all would think my choice is irresponsible, but it felt like I had no choice, the depression has gotten to a point where I have to convince myself to do simple things like get out of bed in the morning.

Before I had all these symptoms I was obsessed with weightlifting, had a good diet, etc. I just got to a point where ive had ZERO energy, felt like fainting throughout the day, feeling depressed to the point where I couldnt trust myself/ pay attention to drive, poor sleep, numb feeling in balls to the point where they feel prepubescent. The trt center paid for my labs but all they did was testosterone and estrogen and a metabolic panel. Im going back to labcorp Monday to check thyroid though. If it turns out to be thyroid I will discontinue the trt.