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New to TRT/HCG

Hi All

So, I started taking TRT last October. I had tall the usual symptoms of low T and went to get the blood done.

I’ve attached first tests- Test 1.

Went onto TRT, 150mg per week, 2x 75mg injections.
Also taking HCG, 500 IU’s twice per week

After the first 2 months I had the 2nd blood test- results attached.

The only real downside I had at the time was my balls skrinking noticably.

The Dr’s came back and suggested I have elevated levels so reduced the TRT to 100mg per week.

Someone also suggested HCG would be better taken more often so I changed to 250 iu’s, but 5x per week.

Downside from that was my skin became awful, acne on my back, and spots / blackheads on my chest. No good.

Moved back to HCG 500 iu’s twice per week. Acne is going down but I’m sure my balls have shrunk further! I am also concerned my nipples / chest seem more senstive - very concerned that I develop something I shouldn’t!

Anyway. Going for 3rd Blood Test tomorrow- will post results but wondered if anyone had any views. Does HCG do anything to stop ball shrinkage? I thought it did but have read contradicting notes. Would those 2nd blood tests worry you?

Thanks a lot

Trying again with pics

Sorry man, can’t help but love the profile pic. Is it Kauto Star? Can’t make out the pic properly.

Ha! Good spot- indeed it is. My favourite horse of all time!

Was this test taken at trough?

My two cents, seems you may benefit if you go on daily administration for the HCG. Everyone is unique, but for me 100 ui daily works best and it prevents my balls from athrophing also keeping load volume decent.

Some people feel better without HCG. It is very individual. But what I discovered for HCG is it makes huge swings in hormones and the more often and smaller amounts you inject it the better. Find the minimum dosage that will give you the desired effect, you definetely do not want too much of it.

Hi Alex.

It was a bit of a mess, in that I was told I could inject my TRT an hour before the blood test. I did, but then the Dr was 30 mins late, so the blood test was 90 minutes after injection. Is that too long? Thanks

What ester are you using?

Thanks a lot. Definitely don’t want the acne back, do you think 250iu’s 5x per week was too much? I can reduce to 100ius easily.

Although next question, do do that would you dilute the HCG more, or just inject less? 100ius would be a tiny amount! Thanks

Enanthate. Thanks

It matters how many units you inject, not how much liquid.
I suggest you try 100 ui daily because that amounts has huge impact on me - on libido, balls shrinkage, load volume, and it raises a lot my test and e2 on top of my trt dose. So this amount may not be so low depends how sensitive you respond to it

Thanks. That would be 0.04ml for me I think. Will give it a try. Did you ever experience acne at all?

Just to check I’ve got this right, you use 100mg test PW 50ml e3.5d? And on day of the test had 50mg 1.5 hours before test?

No, never had such issue but I tried injecting HCG only 250 UI 2 times weekly, 250 EOD and 100 daily

Hi Alex.

So I take 100mg per week. Inject 50mg on Monday and 50mg Thursday, both days into my thighs.

The blood test was taken 90 minutes after my Monday injection.

I’m hoping to get a blood test tomorrow, so 2 days after the last injection- but I could bump the test to Monday if you think it would be better, saving Monday’s injection until after the test?


I am by no means an expert, and hopefully some of the more knowledgeable guys will chip in but a couple of thoughts:

Firstly PSA (did you have a number pre starting trt?) Is elevated, how old are you and what did you Dr say about it?

Cholesterol, what’s your diet like?

E2 is high (but so is your T) What’s your body composition like?

You taking the HCG just for ball shrinkage? If so how fussed are you about ball shrinkage? (Bit of unsolicited information - mine shrank but they weren’t doing their job proper in the first place, so why would I care if they shrank!)

Sorry more questions!

Also to answer your questions re test timing you want to do it at trough, so basically the morning you are due to inject, if that means delaying your injection until you get back from Drs don’t sweat it nothing bad will happen, also I don’t think 90 mins is enough for 50mg of test-e to elevate your levels significantly which looks like you respond to test very well, might need to lower dose again?

Hi Alex

Not sure my original blood work pic came through- here it is.

Im 42, 90kgs, 6ft tall. Would love to be slimmer. Healthy and fit otherwise, 40 hours per week behind a desk is not good for me though!I used to be 19stone, but managed to lose a lot through diet and exercise. Gym 2x per week, walk the dogs 1hr a day, cycle, swim. Resting heart rate of 50 so pretty good.

I’ve 2 kids, don’t want anymore, was only taking the HCG to stop ball shrinkage, but have it anyway! I’m conscious that they are smaller and worry that someone would notice. I’m not sure girls really care about ball size, and the positive TRT effects are a definite winner, but I notice them and it worries me! The acne worries me more though, my back looked gross.

I’ve been using Acnecide for 2 weeks now and that has either worked, or reducing the HCG has worked. Not sure which!

I had a plan to try to get my blood taken for free tomorrow. The private Dr charges £100 to take the blood for the test I bring along! And asks too many questions!!!

Looks like you’re in the UK (you with BMH?) You can do those tests finger prick rather than veinous drawn, might save you some money? (You can also do those through Medichecks), my GP isn’t normally helpful when I request tests, do it all privately now.

I’m married so less concerned about having tiny nuts (they started off small anyway!) - the mrs always joked about them being like marbles and that was before trt. If you can let it go psychologically then might be worth dropping HCG I’ve never used it but a lot of guys on here have a harder time getting dialed in on it.

Yep UK! No, I’m with Optimale.

I struggled with the finger prick tests, my blood kept clotting. Weirdly for someone who has no issues injecting myself daily (I also inject B12) I hate taking my own blood!

The veinous one takes seconds- but finding someone to do it for you is a nightmare! My plan is to see if I can sweet talk a nurse in an old peoples home to do it for me. If I give her £20 it would still save me £80!