New to TRT. HCG Dosing Schedule?

New to the forum. I’ve done my best to read all of the stickies but I have a question I couldn’t find a clear answer to.

My original protocol was to be:
200mg Test Cyp + pharmacy compounded Anastrozole (1mg per ml) 1x per week IM.
And 50u HCG 2x per week SubQ.
In other words 3 shots per week.

From reading here I have already decided to adapted my Testosterone protocol to:

100mg Test Cyp + pharmacy compounded Anastrozole (0.5mg) SubQ E3.5D

My question is should I inject the HCG on the same E3.5D schedule or 2 times per week as originally prescribed (2 days in between shots)?

About me…
45 yo, 150 lbs, Test. 348 ng/dL, Estradiol 22.6 pg/mL, TSH 2.19 uIU/mL. Low sex drive. Poor recovery. Difficult to build muscle. Sleep deprived. No idea what SHBG # is :expressionless:

Compounding the Test+anastrozole is a mistake, you should run from any doctor compounding anastrozole with the Test or prescribing it without any indication you require it. You need SHBG levels to design a TRT protocol.

Compounding the Test+AI is the dumbest you thing a doctor can do, I don’t see any labs indicating you even need the AI. What this doctor is doing is reckless. What the heck are you going to do if the AI dosage needs to be decreased? You can’t and now you have to throw away months worth of testosterone.

I applaud this doctor for thinking outside the box, but it’s a mistake.

I almost crashed my estrogen on 1/4 of a .125 AI, less than a tenth of a mg. This anastrozole was designed to crash a women’s estrogen levels, it can be devastating for men and you need labs and symptoms indicating a need for it.

You start this protocol and you’ll be sorry!

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What to do! As I stated I’m new to TRT… started first dose yesterday with the E3.5D protocol I stated above. I had read elsewhere that compounding the AI w/ Test was a bad idea because exactly what you stated… I can’t adjust! Yet that’s what I was prescribed! Vial states Anastrozole 1mg. I’m assuming that means 1mg per mL but perhaps it’s 1mg total for the whole 10mL vial or 0.1mg per mL. I’m no pharmacist! I hope the later is correct and I have total misrepresented the compound here! Labs is 13 weeks… very concerned now…

You’re destined to crash your E2 with this protocol, I would stop TRT and find another doctor. The HCG dosage is whacky, is too low of a dose to do much of anything. I can’t count how many times I’ve had to change Test dosage and AI dosages, usually they are done separately sometimes Test needs an increase and the AI a decrease.

Some men don’t even need an AI, so when they take it and don’t need one… When you crash your E2, it can take weeks or months to recover.

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I understand the concern and cannot disagree, compounding means you lack flexibility to adjust dosing of either test or anastrozole.

Still, I would try it. You will presumably get follow-up labs, I would hope you get free test and SHBG then and hopefully at six weeks or so. You may be fine, 348 is pretty low and many taking 200mg/wk also take 2mg/wk anastrozole, and they do fine.

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Thanks highpull… Taking any and all advice on the subject. Thank you all for responding. Concerning the HCG would you do on the E3.5D days or do otherwise?

Not sure about this, 50IU every 3.5 days is a small dose. Are you sure it is only 50IU? Usually, the does is 300-350IU twice a week to prevent testicular atrophy, 250-300 three times a week to maintain fertility.

50units 2x per week. Vial was 5000u mixed 5ml of bactiostatic water. I called to confirm dilution. Again, I’m new here and I swear I’m not stupid but but maybe I’m writing things wrong! At any rate 50units are what I injected. Not sure the concentration at this dilution. Just doing what I was told

You’re injecting 50 units, 0.5mL, 0.5cc, and with the dilution you are using it is 500IU of hCG, which make more sense. No problem. Do you know why hCG was prescribed?

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Truthfully no. If I’d venture a guess I’d think standard protocol? But we all know there is not such situation. I have no other idea. I have complete blood panels… but it’s seems like the SHBG and free T were not shown unless they are labeled in another way that I cannot recognize them. Perhaps their protocol is to start everyone here and then tweak after follow up blood panels?

Typically HCG doses are 300-500 twice weekly, it’s even better to do smaller more frequent 250 EOD or 100-150 ED dosing.

You’re here to learn, we all have to start somewhere and you came to the right place.

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You should ask. It would be interesting to get his thought process.

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Thank you systemlord. Your 100% correct! I’ve been on here for months BEFORE starting just to learn and read. I KNEW pinning 200mg 1x per week was a bad idea. Rather than debate with the doc I decided on my own to split the dose and go E3.5D. I appreciate you’alls input. I realize some doctors out there aren’t exactly up to snuff with the new R&D that is happening here day-in-day-out. That’s why I’m here for sure! I’ve taken all that’s been said here and my no.1 takeaway is I’ll be pushing for more blood panels extremely soon.

Roger that!