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New to TRT, Dosage Question

Greetings everyone, I am new to this forum. I have a question about dosage. I have a trt script through telemedicine. They want to start me at 0.4ml with two injections a week. Now 1 ml is 210mg so that is 168 mg’s a week. Isn’t that too much specially for starting? Also I have not started yet, here are my labs if anyone is interested and I am a 28 year old male.

Here are some of my labs, I can post my whole lab if someone awares me on the easiest method of doing so.

Testosterone Serum 466
Free Test 20.5
Estradiol 25


Welcome to the forum brother.
I too just started but also have yet to start the actual injections just like you.
I’m curious to see how the more experienced members respond.
I think it would be a good idea to post your lab panel, whatever you do have. As I’m learning thyroid and liver/renal and metabolic panel, CBC will all paint a more through picture.

Are you going to be on HCG or an AI also?

Stay strong

No, not particularly.
Got ranges on those labs?

They did send me an AI, anastrozole, 1mg a week. Also for hcg I will be getting on my next refill of test cyp, I probably should of mentioned that they prescribed me testosterone cypionate. I’m working on posting my labs, have to black out some things.

here are the labs.

Another Question I have is I am 28 years old and pretty much have a full head of hair, maybe slightly receding but you really have to look for it to be any noticeable. What are the chances of trt causing me to go bald? my father is bald, but on my moms side none of the males are bald. I’m guessing it’s 50/50 chance?

Lastly how bad will acne get on trt? I had bad acne between 18-20 and it was awful. Really hoping I do not get it again.

No. On the surface, given your testosterone numbers, you’d be wasting your time taking less.

I am wondering what your reason is for starting TRT. Your Free T is where I would expect to see it in a healthy young man. Your while cell count and eosinophils tells me your body is fighting an infection or disease.

TRT can accelerate hair loss if your genes make you susceptible to it and there isn’t much you can do about it.

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I wanted to start it because I been noticing less frequent morning wood, like im lucky if I get it once a week. Erections aren’t as strong, I always have brain fog now, can’t concentrate more than 10 - 15 minutes on a task it seems. Also at night I am getting horrible sleep, keep waking up in the middle of the night multiple times and when I do im sweaty and hot as hell when it is 67 degrees in the house.

What wanted me to get started is according to some charts my testosterone of 466 is the average of a 85-100 year old man. I have no idea about free test though, I have no idea if mine is high or low or what high or low means.

As for EOS I called my doc about it and she said not to worry, a few days later I got sick after my test, so I wonder if my body was trying to fight an incoming fever.

I also do want to mention I am still overweight, I am probably like 25% bodyfat ish. The first time I got my test checked it was 272 ng/dl. Dropped 50lbs since then and been smashing the weights and this test it is now 466. I wonder if I were to drop down to 12% bodyfat if I can get my levels to 700 naturally. One thing that scares me is even though that I lost a ton of weight my Blood pressure is still high. It jumps anywhere from low 130’s to high 140’s.

You free t not bad. Did you take this lab within 1-2 hours of getting up in the morning?

I think you should retake CBC see what wbc count does.

Check ferritin, dhea-s, am insulin, am cortisol, maybe check some inflammation markers like CRP, ESR

I would not jump on trt at this point without further investigation.

And you need to get your pressure in control. High pressure can cause ED. I would also get a cardiac check up. Ekg and echo cardiogram.

No this lab was taken at 1 PMish. I woke up at 7:50AM that day.

Since you need to check AM cortisol and AM insulin. Retake testosterone. These test should be taken soon after waking up. Like within 1 hour is best.

Also check your thyroid TSH, free t3, free t4 and thyroid antibodies.

What should I ask for in the blood test? I have kaiser and they will not test me for all these things. I will have to go somewhere like labcorp. Also do you thin it’s possible to get my test levels in the 700 range naturally? because I really don’t want to poke myself with needles, I have a huge phobia, but if this causes me to not feel like poop then I will just have to deal with them.

Reread what I wrote. Did you see you need to get your blood pressure under control?
Btw Your total t in the am could very well be close to 600 already.

I think @systemlord uses Kaiser maybe he can help you navigate

is it possible dropping more BF% will increase my test more? Im assuming dropping the 50lbs is what shot it up from 272 to 466. I’m 6’1 245lbs and can easily drop another 30lbs. Even though My t is low I have no problem dropping fat or putting on muscle mass.

Of course. You have high blood pressure man. Go see a cardiologist.

thanks for the input and I will. Sadly it will have to wait until this whole virus business is over. I’m glad I posted here. I already received the supplies of trt but I think im going to hold off on it until I get more clear answers on what is going on with my body. I hope my heart is okay way too young for blood pressure like this.

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Don’t do what I did. If the Dr wants to give you meds to lower it take it. Or you end up with cardiomyopathy like me or worse.

I was stubborn and always refused the meds saying it’s only high at the Drs office and that I was to young

If you measure over 130 , that is high.

Am 43.

Just took it now and it was 151/82 with a pulse of 60. Sometimes I wonder of my machine is busted. Just seems way too high for my age, and I will ask my doc about bp medicine tomorrow.