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New to TRT, Current Protocol 175mg/wk. Still Having Symptoms

Ive had this same experience.

It’s almost like cialis hampers the great effect viagra has on me.

If I keep at 5 then add like 50 viagra works well. But if I increase cialis and take v as well, seems like it may be less hard.

I know if I skip the cialis and take v, we are really in biz.

It must be the big surge in pde5 that perhaps has the max affect.

Idk but wife seems to be used to the hard asf d .

Yeah, i cant understand it. I believe both limit the pde5 enzyme, so you’d THINK mixing them would have an even greater effect.

I won’t if somehow they counteract each other in some weird way?

Calling for a pharmacist to chime or a chemist or @readalot or @unreal24278 or @highpull

Sorry, I’m not that familiar with the pharmacodynamics of those two drugs. We do not have anyone who takes both, at least to my knowledge. They may use other sources in addition to us.

Maybe Cialis saturates receptor sites so the Viagra is less effective? I do not know.

Interesting hypothesis.

@trtwuzup can you try again, just with viagra? I am womanless at the moment or i’d try. See if you get a better response with it alone

My email is in my bio I can hook you up with the doc I use. $150/month which includes your 220mg/week prescription shipped to your door and all done over the phone.

My SHBG is 39.9 and 185-200mg has been great. Libido took a very long time to get to horn-dog levels but once it got there it never left. TRT (for me at least) was a long process that in the end has been better than I could have ever imagined but the best advice I can give is be patient. One thing I don’t think I’ve mentioned before was I used to try and get 8 hours of sleep religiously and eventually went to 6 and feel a lot better. If I sleep 8 hours I don’t have as much energy or feel as good throughout the day. Weird but it is what it is.

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The first one i think is it thanks.

I think you will be fine as time passes. My erection quality improved considerably across 2+ years on trt. My doctor can confirm the same and tells all his patients this is having long term improvements.

try 100 viagra . 50 doesnt do barely anything for me. 100 and its… yah it really works.

Do you also take daily cialis?

Btw @roscoe88 found this

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I’ve been told the same and am 10 months into my TRT journey. For the time being I use Cialis 5mg daily (more or less)

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Great. I think that 5mg daily equates to about 7.5 in your system at all times once half life is calculated.

I was taking 20 a day and it wass 30mg in my blood. I had a doc tell me to raise my dose until it worked for me. 5mg didnt do anything for me until i got to 30.

Switched to Viagra and one pill made me hard as a rock. Now i just take viagra when i want that, but i do love cialis and the pump /vasuclarity it gives me when i hit the weights and etc.