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New to TRT - Bloodwork Results/Questions

Hey Guys,

I am a 31 year old who just started TRT about two months ago. I decided to start TRT after having all of the usual low T symptoms and hearing a success story from an extended family member. My protocol is 100mg of scrotal cream 2x/day (200mg/day).

I was already an active person before starting TRT (I’ve been lifting pretty consistently since I was 16, cardio 3-4 times a week). I had an ok diet before TRT, but definitely not as clean as it should’ve been.

I decided to clean up my diet and step up my intensity in the weight room right as I started taking Testosterone. I started at 6’3", 216 lbs, 18% body fat so I knew I needed to cut first. Two months later on TRT/improved diet and I am now at 214 lbs, 13.5% body fat. These measurements are from an Inbody machine at my work (one test per week at the same time of the day). I’ve gained muscle while losing fat, which I know is not typical unless you are a beginner or taking large amounts of T.

Ok, so on to the blood work from this week. I actually kind of expected my numbers to be out of range considering the recomp I have experienced in the past two months.

Actual values on the left with the lab range in parentheses:

Total T: 928 (280-1100 ng/dl)
Free T: 18.9 (4.3-24.0 ng/dl)
SHBG: 40 (14-95 nmol/L)
E2: 33 (0-39.9 pg/mL)

White Blood Cell: 3.7 (3.9-11.1 K/ul) LOW
Red Blood Cell: 5.03 (4.20-6.00 M/ul)
Hemaglobin: 15.7 (13.2-18.0 g/dl)
Hematatocrit: 49.6% (43-60%)
Platelet Count: 135 (140-400k/ul) LOW

Albumin: 4.6 (3.2-4.8 g/dl)

Should I be concerned with the white blood cell count or the platelet count? Both showed up as out of range low (just barely though).

Also would like to hear from others who have had higher blood pressure after starting TRT. I am not convinced this is an issue yet but will know more when I start taking daily readings tomorrow.

Thanks for the help!

Whats your doc say about the blood counts? What is your BP now and what was it?

He didn’t seem too concerned. I’m going to ask my primary doctor at my annual physical on Friday.

My BP before starting TRT was usually just under 120/80.

At the doctor on Tuesday it was 150/90!

Bought a BP monitor for my house and measured 133/80 last night and 125/77 this morning. So hopefully the trend of lower BP readings continues.

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I would agree.

It happens, not typically, and usually returns to normal within a couple of weeks.

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