New to TRT and Need Help

Been on TRT for 10 weeks now and am feeling great.I can post my labs if you want to see.While what i pay for my service is worth it in my opinion and things are getting tight.Now i have a decent protocol i am thinking of outsourcing my meds and doing on my own for awhile.Thoughts?strong text

I self administer but mainly because of costs and not having to mess with finding a Dr. where I’m living. I went through the whole 1 shot/2 weeks, high E2, no AI’s bull.

Finding a good, reputable source is not that easy. If you decide to go that route, look for a forum where the sources are vetted and reviewed by forum members. Make sure to use a secure email site.

I guess thats my question,finding a reputable source.I self administer now but the cost for meds and bloodwork is going to be a problem eventually as its all out of pocket.So once i get everything i check id like to go a less expensive route and come in for bloodwork later on

Sorry brother. Forum rules prevent me from giving you that kind of info. I found mine on my own and I’m sure you can too. Just use the info I gave you and start your google search. Once you find a forum (some are by only knowing existing forum members), you will need to create a login and introduce yourself and get somewhat established. Sources want to make sure you are not law enforcement.

So I can relate with part of your situation. I pay for my TRT out of pocket and it’s not cheap. I’m fortunate that it isn’t a huge problem for me, but I can see how it would be a major battle for most people. After several years it will add up to major, major cash being spent. So a lot of guys do exactly what you’re talking about. Here are the issues that you will have to face:

-pharma grade > UGL
-quality control of the UGL product
-potency, i.e. is that 200mg concentration actually 200mg or is it 178mg or 207mg?

The pharma price is higher than the black market for a reason. Running a licensed compound pharmacy isn’t cheap. Sourcing raw materials from somewhere that meets federal guidelines isn’t cheap. Making medication to exact specifications isn’t cheap. So for the high price you pay you’re getting peace of mind. When you go underground you have no idea what you’re getting. Just be mindful of that. Horror stories of tainted gear should be enough to make you think about what you want to do for the long run.

Thats my issue.Its not worth it to me to get some crap UGL.Get a damn second job to afford my doc and pharm grade lol.Ill do my research on here and see what i come up with