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New to Training

hey guys Im 18 ,6 foot and im 11 stone but find it hard to put wieght on, i purchased some wieghts about two months ago and have been doing less than an hour everyday for the two months ive had them and i have seen my body shape change alot and get alot more toned, but i want to put some bulk on … not alot just enough to stop me looking so thin.

i have just purchased some protein powder for my shakes and have been told just to eat as much protein as possible … what about carbs tho should i be eating loads of them aswell ?

i find doing reps on my dumbells get me better results on toning my body, can you tell me or give me a link to show me some different reps i could use as ive been using the same ones now and i know if i use the same reps then my body will just adapt to them is that true ?

im new to all this so any info would be wicked …

thanks guys 1

Im a beginer too, but what has worked wonders for me is the following:

Eat 6-7 times a day
Lift some serious weight
Forget about that getting toned bs
Get enough rest

If after this you are still not growing increase your calories. I’ve stopped growing twice and after adding some cals I’ve always managed to continue growing.

Good luck in your training.

Read the following:


Make sure you read part 2 also

cheers for the comments … im new to this so any info will help me through my training. does anyone know of any good sites that will show me different ways to use my wieghts ?

[quote]keanna wrote:
cheers for the comments … im new to this so any info will help me through my training. does anyone know of any good sites that will show me different ways to use my wieghts ? [/quote]

Ummmmm your on it. use the search function.

If you want to see video of actual exercises you can search these two sites:



THis is the Infinite beginner post. One that should be posted answered and handed out to everyone touching a weight in every gym and every big 5 accross the world.


You might be able to see your muscle more do to some water and fat loss , but you aren’t toning! I hate that word.

You wont just bulk up beyond what you want , its not that easy.

Fat loss is toning.

Okay, I understand you’re new & that your terminology is a bit loose. Try reading around this site some more for TTP’s.

Given your age & weight (I guess your from UK), don’t just aim to not look thin. As a teenager, your metabolic rate is too high for you to see noticable changes if this is your goal. Aim to get HUGE and you’ll probably get to be where you want to be (gaining slabs of muscle ain’t that easy).

Yes, you’re body will adapt to the same exercises/ weights/ rep’s and progress will stop. I highly suggest joining a gym (YMCA is usually good in UK) in place of using DB’s at home. Go for the heaviset weights you can handle safely with good form. Do bench press, squat, deadlift, rows and presses. Your arms will take care of themselves.

EAT. Loads of protien is great, but at 18, you need the carbs too, so your body does not scavenge energy from the protien. As long is it isn’t pre-packaged, pre-made, sugary or junk food; get it down your neck.

At 6 foot you are tall enough that it will take fairly substantial weight gains to impact your appearance, especially in clothing. Gaining weight isn’t easy for most and being a teenager can make it even harder so the advice to aim for Huge, eating huge and lifting huge is dead on.

You need loads of carbs and good fats along with the protein.

You need the right training program or you will just pack on fat. Focus on increasing the weight you use on the major lifts like Squats, Deadlifts, Bench Press, Pull ups etc. and keep the reps between 6 and 10. If you can do 11 reps the weight is too lite. A short introductory period of higher reps(12 to 15) might be safer and a good idea, maybe 2 to 4 weeks or so.

This is some basic advice but there is tons of info on this site to help you. Have fun learning and welcome to the iron game but keep it simple as a beginner.

1 Progressive resistance on basic exercises like squats, deadlifts, bench press etc…

2 Surplus of calories and nutrients. If you are not gaining weight at the end of a week you didn’t eat enough.

3 Maximize sleep and rest and minimize stress. Stress includes drinking and partying!

4 Watch yourself grow bigger and stronger!!!

Good Luck