New to Training Olympic Lifts

Powerlifting (raw) is my main goal, but I’ve been interested in training olympic lifts for awhile now.

Right now I’m in a position where even if I focused on my big three, I likely couldn’t increase them very much. So I’ve found this to be a perfect time to practice movements I haven’t done before, starting light and learning technique.

There are a lot of olympic movements out there and so I was wondering if you guys could break it down a little for me:

  1. What movements/variations do you recommend to people just starting Oly/explosive lifts?
  2. What lifts can be done heavy without dumping the weight?

For now I’ve started doing front squats and just yesterday practiced power cleans for the first time. No one does these sort of lifts in my gym though, so I would love to get any advice from more seasoned lifters out there!