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long time lurker, figured now that i got an iphone id post some pics......looking to get my body critiqued. curious of my strengths/weaknesses and what i can work on! thank you in advance


front double bi


front relaxed.


just read the sticky :wink: heres my legs.....

- i landscape and am a laborer so my weight flucuates due to amount of effort exerted at work.
- i am around 218 in these pictures...

  • i lift 2-3 times a week full body. i do something similar to this steve reeves routine... fits my schedule nice. i stimulate my muscles. 2 bodyparts to failure each workout..... legs/shoulders chest/back, biceps/triceps

  • in winter i am unemployed and lift 4-5 days a week with more of a body split workout

  • i eat 5-6 times a day, protien is included at least 20 g of protien a meal (minimum). tuna turkey chicken peanut butter and eggs make up bulk of my diet


You look like a fairly big dude who clearly works out... this forum's supposed to be basically for rating your physique by bodybuilding standards though, so I must ask, what are your goals?

For a guy who wants to look/feel good/healthy, you're doing fine... If you want to be a bodybuilder, legs would be the main thing that needs to be focused on a lot more. And you're going to have to start training more like a bodybuilder, and you're going to need to find a way to train more than 2-3 times/week, year round.

Also, I didn't quite understand:

Does this mean you're doing 2-3 full body workouts/week, or you're doing 2-3 workouts/week, throughout which you work your whole body?


gmoore thank u for the quick reply..i have always trained and "bulked" by eating whatever as long as there is protien in it and lifting heavy....lately i have hit a plateau/looking for a change......i have changed my diet and am looking to start training/eating more seriously....i have a plan in place but am wondering what my strengths and weaknesses are from people who know what they are talking about

now to anwser your question i do 2-3 workouts in which i do a
1.chest press (incline, regular, decline, dumbells, machines)/supersetted with back thickness (type of pullup/chinup, lat pulldown movement)
2. shoulder press(dumbell, machines, barbell)/supersetted with back width (type or row movement)
3. biceps (bb or db)/ supersetted with triceps (dips)
4. traps (upright rows or shrugs)/ supersetted with abs
5. 20 rep breathing back squat (btwn 185-225 lbs)

say i workout monday wednesday friday.

M and F i would work up to around my 5-8 rep max depending on how i feel
W would b more of a light lift 12-15 rep day

i know this routine isnt a typical bodybuilding routine. clearly my chest/lats/traps/ are my weaknesses in my mind. just wanted some other opinions as to what workout routine i might respond to the best


Well the thing is, your legs are clearly a weakness, so if your legs/chest/lats/traps are weaknesses, it's more that your arms are a strength. Now, I wouldn't say your arms overpower your physique, so really you just need to add size everywhere.

That is quite a brutal bodybuilding routine. Seems more like a general fitness, "I like to stay in shape" type routine. Just get on a traditional bodybuilding split... go to the bodybuilding forum and check out the 'do this routine instead of that dumb one' thread. Find a routine you like, try it out, see if it works for you. If you find an exercise isn't working for you, either fix your form or pick another similar exercise that works better.

Eat to grow. You say you've fixed your diet, not sure if you have, the foods you wrote down as staples of your diet are good, but don't be afraid of beef, or carbs. You've got a big frame and you're very active so you can add a whole bunch of weight without looking 'fat'. If you're not gaining weight, eat more. If you're gaining too much fat, re-evaluate your diet, and how hard you're training.


"do this routine instead of that dumb one" thread:


thanks gmoore


I'm 6'3 and would kill for your arm size. I also think you aren't doing too bad at your height on leg size. Upper back looks pretty good.
I think your main weakness is bodyfat. Your chest will look much better when you lean out. My thoughts are read every day about diet and clean that thing up. I'm talking super strict.

Use myfitnesspal to find out how many calories you need daily. The easiest way to clean up diet in my opinion is shop on the perimeter of the store, no isles. Easy... Well maybe hit the isle for oats and canned tuna, everything else you need is in produce, meat, lowfat dairy areas.


6'2" with short arms you lucky bastard! I'd kill for that arm size. You have a very nice starting point from a bodybuilding standpoint, although your physique is quite lacking at this time. Having shorter, bulkier arms is definately a plus though, and your legs look like they belong on a shorter person. Looks like all your size is in the torso, which will lead to a nice v-taper look when you put 30 pounds on your upper body.

Clean up that diet, son! I know it sounds really lame as well but you could try shaving the chest to really see how defined you are. If you ever compete you'll have to anyway.

I'd bulk up...you should throw on some serious size and then cut up and post some more pics...good luck!