New to This

I’m 25 years old I’ve been working out for 3 years back Into it. But I’m in a hault. Because I don’t see any results any more. my third year I started using proteins mass gainer. Carnivore for my first time. And I sseen results. Im 5’8 weighing 170 and gain 15 pounds to 185. And I did get stronger. Benchin 245 and other activities I got stronger too. Besides getting a stomach. I have a friend he’s knows about steriods because his roommates are bodybuilders so he does have knowledge. He does it him self. I’ve gotten clen off of him to help me cut weight.and it work. And I weight. Back to 170 and lifting everything still the same. I like that.

And know I’m interested trying steroids for my first cycle. I have been doing my research on this stuff. My friend had told me to. Do research before I even do anything as well. And I want people opinion what’s good for getting bulkier and to help me keep lean. I have a great diet. And eat healthy. I really want other than my friend opinion on what should be a first good cycle for me.