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I'm almost 25 and after nearly 4 years of training I'm considering taking a little enhancement, I'm in the process of researching before jumping in at the deep end but while I'm in america I thought it a good time to purchase some items ready should I choose to go ahead.

I have been training for three years, the last two being completely anal about my diet, no alcahol, high carb, high protein etc (can post a detailed daily diet plan including weight measurements for the past 1.5 years showing increase in food and weight throughout bulking) I have trained using stronglifts and 3*8-12 always incorparating compound moves and never giving anything less than 100% (OCD!).

I'm merely attempting to take my training to the next level and wondering if this is the route I should / could take. I started at 6"5 13stone and after four years (and puberty) now stand at 16stone 3lbs after a 3 month cut. being 6"5 muscle weight doesn't show easily.

I've considered taking: www.appliednutriceuticals.com/proddetail.php?prod=theone

I haven't had too much time to research while on holiday, my training partner seems convinced and I have read some positive reviews.

Does anyone have some opinions?

Also, anyone point me to a good trust worthy site to use? (if this is allowed on here)

and finally, should I worry about bringing these through an airport?!?!?

Thanks in advacne guys / girls.


224lbs @ 6’5? bummer. As for the product you are willing to try I’m willing to bet its nothing more than smoke and mirrors. This is a AAS forum, read the stickies to begin to understand the caliber of the compounds we deal with.


read the stickies above. figure out how much you want to gain or lose.


For Pro-hormone advice, while there are some lads here who know some - i would go to Anabolicminds personally - http://anabolicminds.com/forum/steroids/

There is a good sticky on PS’s at the top of the forum, and would be a good place to start - but as mentioned, there are better places for that kind of information.

This is a great forum for anabolic advice, but we ‘specialise’ in AAS (Anabolic Androgenic Steroids) mainly.

I personally believe that if one is from the UK, and is willing to suppress their natural hormone production in favour of increased muscle and/or performance, then Anabolic Steroids are the better route - more effective and better researched with more controllable and understood side effects and modes of action.

This is my opinion at least :wink: