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New to this Style of Training

I recently started on testosterone replacement therapy after realizing why I wasn’t gaining muscle after a dedicated year in the gym. Anyways, I am new to the split style of training, bodybuilding type stuff as it is. I’ve done Starting Strength and my current strength numbers are:

Squat - 300 1RM
Press - 160 1RM
Bench - 225 1RM
Deadlift - 405 1RM
Power Clean - 215 1RM

I want to train for aesthetics at this point for a period of time of about a year. I put together a routine based on research that seems to be pretty solid. I plan on progressing and increasing weights any time I can. I am doing 2 days on, 1 day off. Starting each workout with a compound movement at 3x5 or 5x5 related to the bodypart i’m working that day.

Chest/Tri A- Bench 3x5/5x5, incline db bench 4x10, close grip bench 4x10, cable fly 4x10, rope pushdown 4x10 (on day B, i switch to incline barbell bench 3x5/5x5 and do the higher rep stuff with dumbbells on a flat bench, and switch rope pushdowns for dips)

Back/Bi A- Deadlift 3x5 (ramp weight to top set that is a PR), barbell row 4x10, seated row 4x10, lat pulldown 4x10, DB preacher curl 4x10, hammer curl 4x10 (on day B, I switch the reps for barbell rows an deadlifts.)

Legs/shoulders/abs - high bar squat 3x5/5x5, leg curl 4x10, leg extension 4x10, overhead press (strict) 3x5/5x5, dumbbell lat raise 4x10, planks, decline weighted situps

What do you think?

Just to be sure, you don’t mean you’re doing all your sets with the same weight (except on deads), do you? If that is what you’re doing, start ramping all of your sets on everything.

Looks like you’re doing two chest exercises, then a triceps, then a chest, then back to triceps. I would do all chest exercises first, then go to triceps.

I know you didn’t ask about it, but also make sure your diet is on point. Lots of beginners think it is, but it isn’t.

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