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I’ve made some great progress and wanted to introduce myself, and get advice. I’ve been lifting off and on again without much direction for the past 4-5 years. Two years ago I began a powerlifting style training to get my strength up. Every Monday, Wednesday, and Friday I would Squat, Bench, overhead barbell press, and dead lift. I started with the bar only and added 10 lbs every workout. I worked my way up to a bodyweight squat & dead lift.

Shortly thereafter, I lost my job and had to shift my focus. Fast forward a year. I had added much fat and was concerned about diabetes and knew I needed to make permanent changes. In June of this year I picked up Chad Waterbury’s Huge in a Hurry, completely changed my diet (no more white carbs, lots of veggies and protein, eat 6 times a day and take creatine, bcaa’s and protein).

Since June I’ve lost 21 pounds of fat and have added around 2 inches to my frame. My training consists of:
Monday AM - Sprints
Monday PM - Upper body push, & pull, Squats Heavy
Tuesday AM - Sprints and Shoulders
Tuesday PM - Arms, Abs, Calves
Wednesday Am - Sprints
Wednesday PM - Upper body push, & pull, deadlift Heavy
Thursday AM - Sprints and Shoulders
Thursday PM - Arms, Abs, Calves
Friday AM - Sprints
Friday PM, Sat, Sun - REST

Push and pull consist of Bench press (vary between flat, incline and decline), weighted dips, weighted chins, pull downs, rows, overhead presses

Every 4 weeks I go light weight, 20-25 reps for 1 week to deload.

Best lifts so far: Bench: 225, Squat, 325, Dead 300

Very motivated by all of the changes I’ve made so far. I welcome honest feedback.

Tried to post pictures, but unsuccessful. Will try later.

Good job mate and welcome :slight_smile:

Did you sprint all out 5x per week? If so how did you find the recovery for legs, was your leg strength affected?


In the mornings, I do interval sprints. I jog for 1 min, run for 30 sec and all out sprint for 15 seconds. I let my heart rate come down to below 130 bpm, increase the incline and resistance level of the machine and do it again. I increase the level 5 times during my workout. I stretch before and afterwards. I get an incredible pump in my legs, but I don’t kill them so much that I can’t function the next day. I have to use a stepper/elliptical machine to keep my ankles from aching. I do this first thing on an empty stomach. It has helped to shed my bodyfat.