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New to This. Please Don't Bash for Not Knowing Much


I would really like the user >Brook1< to answer my question but haven’t figured how to send someone a PM or tag them yet, but I welcome all help from anyone. I am new to all this but a friend of mine is getting remarkable results using anabolic steroids. I am trying to figure out which kind of injectable anabolicsc are best to get more endurance, energy, and strength? Please don’t nah me if I’m wrong on a few things and for my lack of knowledge. Like I said I’m brand new to all this but I am very eager and excited to get started. Btw I’ve already started with cardio and lifting but I would love the results my friend is getting in such short time. Thank you! Any help/information is appreciated.


The forum doesn’t have a PM system. And Brook’s last post was in 2009, so I’m guessing he’s not going to reply here (would be a neat surprise though). You can tag someone by using the @ sign in front of their username… @jayjay1987

Also, it sounds like you’ve just started lifting in general. I’m going to make an educated guess that you should focus on training hard and eating well for at least a few months before even considering a cycle. I’d ask your height, weight, and general fat for context, but I’m pretty sure that info’s going to end up reinforcing that you should wait.