New To This. Not Sure Why My Libido Has Tanked


About a month or so my libido has disappeared. My sex drive/erections/arrousal.

I am new to TRT and not sure what it can be. My blood tests say I’m high on

Test: 1199
Free Test: 308
Estrogen: 55.8

This is the labs I took recently waiting for a doctor follow up

What is your TRT protocol? When did you take the labs in relation to your last dose? Your TT but more aggressively your FT is way too high for this to be TRT. Because you T is so high so is your E2. I feel this is a case where you should speak with your doc about reducing dose.

Also, you need to improve your A1C aside from the issues with erections.

My last does in relation to labs was a couple days. I don’t know what I’d killing mi libido. It’s gone so are erection quality.

I would inject 30 units twice a week. Along with 50 units of HCG twice a week with enclomphine.

But when my libido disappeared I self diagnosed and raised injections then lowered them. Trying to fix what May be happening. With no change.

I think my doseage is too high and needs to be lowered. As mentioned. What is ACIC?

That doesn’t tell my anything but a volume of liquid. I assume you mean you inject .3cc of T Cyp at what concentration? 200mg/ml?

Also, I the culprit could be the enclomaphine combined with the HCG. You don’t need enclomaphine.

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Get Enclo out of the picture, why are you even using that, i feel awful on Enclo, if you are alredy on HCG no need to be on Enclo, i already feel bad on HCG hence i only use it once a week but your dose is low so no problems there, i don´t think A1C has anything to do with your low libido.
Also check prolactin levels.

You are likely taking too much medication.

You do not need clomid if you are using HCG. Clomid is usually used by itself and some people need just half a tab a day.

You do not need 120 mg of T per week, especially considering you are using HCG at 500 IU twice per week.

You can have mid to high normal T values by using 100 mg of T and HCG for 500 IU twice per week.

I think you should leave diagnosing anything to a competent doctor. I also think many men are hung up with numbers and taking too much medication. After a certain value, more T will not help with libido.

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Exactly. Needs to switch providers. Keep it simple for starters… Test solo.

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Well the protocol started November last year. 3cc of T Cyp at 200mg/ml. Along with CLI I’d every other day.

This worked wonders for about 2 months. Then my testicles atrophied and this is when I started losing my libido.

I spoke with the provider, he said to keep the dose, but quit the clomid and put me on the HCG and enclophine.

This didn’t help much at all just a little then it faded.

Went on a trip with the wife and saw noticiable sexual issues. Came back and told him something was wrong- wife told me get off the TRT.

So the provider put me on sole high dose HCG to ease off the TRT. I did this for a week but changed my mind. And went back to the original TRT protocol.

Nothing has changed maybe got worse.

I will talk with the provider this week and tell them to give me the low dose and less of other medications.

How long could it take to get back to better hormone/sexual levels? Fitness and diet has remained normal.

Yes I agree, it’s my fault. I got scared and tried to self diagnose. But lesson learned and moving forward. So i wouldn’t need cloned or enclophine with just test and HGC. Or just use Test/clomid, or test/enclophine?

I see I used to much.

Give each protocol change at least a month before switching it up again. It takes a full month for steady state changes in blood levels upon a change in long esteres Test. Dropping the enclomaphine would likely show quicker results.

I think he put me on enclo with the test because I felt clomid was doing me badly.

Would HCG/Test be better to feel good?

It’s TRT brother. That stands for Testosterone replacement therapy. If you’re hypogonadal, you take Testosterone, that’s it. A little atrophy is normal. Even HCG doesn’t make some feel well and can increase E2. If I were in your situation I would go back to a solo T dose that is appropriate and keeps you in range. If your libido comes back, as it should, then consider adding HCG if you must.