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New to This Forum Not to BBing

Seems like an interesting site figured I would join up and see if I can be of use. Not a natural guy. Not here to argue. My knowledge is what I consider basic, but most would unduly call advanced.

I love coversing on the subject of bodybuilding, but cannot stand closed minded individuals that think the only way is their way. I have been in this long enough to know everyone is different and different methods work on an individual specific basis. I am glad to share my methods, but respect and understand a different opinion or approach.

I do not appreciate boards ran by a hierarchy that lash out at new or different ideas. The boards like that are common and quite frankly missing out on beautiful approaches because of their own close mindedness.

A physique that is exceptional is put together over a long period of self study and trying new things, until the individual learns what works best and fully gives there all. Too often I see guys get a formula that works and shun all others ideas. We NEVER stop learning. I am sure I will learn things here too.


Welcome aboard. I’d love to know more about your experiences. You’ll find plenty of great folks on here, from beginners, to competitors, to pros,… all
supportive (for the most part-lol)



Thanks Mighty Stu.
I have a pretty crazy routine and have advanced enough in the last year that I believe I have a worthwhile pursuit in achieving my goals. Currently 31yo 5’ 11" 222lbs @ 14% bodyfat. I took a long hiatus from lifting and cycling at too young of an age. I came back about one year and four months ago. I was about 165 or 170 (I knew what I was doing this time) when I started back at similar bodyfat. The 52-57 lbs I have put on has been rewarding.

My past use of AAS was poorly executed so I was able to learn many things the hard way. 2018 is bringing in a new cycle/lifting/diet plan for me. I have studied and implemented many routines, but am currently implementing Ronnie Rowlands Slingshot training system, as I have found his methods work well for me and my goals. Of course I will be tweaking it a little as I see fit but the general layout looks beautiful.

Glad to meet you!
I would be glad to learn anything about your programs and experiences as well.