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New to the V-Diet. Help Please

Hello T-Nation. I’m new to the V-Diet. Unfortunately I can’t get Hot-Rox shipped up here to Canada so her is what I have ordered.

2 Surge
3 Flameout
5 Vanilla low-carb Metabolic Drive
5 Chocolate low-carb Metabolic Drive
2 Strawberry low-carb Metabolic Drive
2 Banana low-carb Metabolic Drive

My only problem is I don’t know how much of what to take and when to take it. Anyone out there that can help?

My weight is 225, 6’0", Body Fat 22%.

The V-Diet article should tell you most of this. Especially for the Surge and Metabolic Drive. The Metabolic Drive will be specific to your body weight, so it will be different for every body.

From the article in regards to number of calories. This should get you where you need to be with the Metabolic Drive servings.


First I need to decide how many calories to consume per day. I may adjust this number as I go along, but I need to have a place to start. I know for sure I want to get more than 1300 calories per day.

Here’s how I’ll get my starting numbers. First plug total bodyweight into this equation:

(10.2 x bodyweight + 879) x .50 = _____

Now do it again with this equation:

(10.2 x bodyweight + 879) x .60 = _____ (Only the .60 is different.)

So, let’s say a guy weighs 193 pounds and wants to see what his physique would look like at a ridiculously shredded 180:

(10.2 x 193 + 879) x .50 = 1424 calories

(10.2 x 193 + 879) x .60 = 1709 calories

Now, let’s round those numbers to the nearest hundred for the sake of simplicity: 1400 and 1700. What our sample guy has now is the absolute minimal and maximal amount of calories he’s going to consume while on the Velocity Diet.

My plan is to get close to the first number on non-training days and close to the second number on training days, but as long as I don’t fall above or below this range I think I’ll do fine.

As far as the other supps, I would follow the labels.
Hope that helps.


The best thing you can do is read the first 10 pages or so of gustavopucho’s Physique Clinic.


Thanks for your help guys. Really appreciate it.

A good recipe and method for getting a shake in, especially in the morning is 1sc choc + big scoop instant coffee + 1 packet splenda + hot(not boiling) water. It tastes delicious, like something you would pay money for. NOTE, don’t boil the water, the intense heat denatures the protein and changes the taste and texture to something you won’t like to drink.

Just read the velocity diet article, and the guy posted the important stuff above. Gus has in depth information on his vdiet in his log.

Have fun.