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new to the T-Nation

Hello everybody. Thought I would introduce myself. I am 6’2", 260# powerlifter, been competing 2 years mainly in police and fire games(I’m a firefighter). Before that I competed in the Firefighter Combat Challnge, went to worlds 5 times. I train both at a commercial gym and at home using Westside Philosophy with some olympic lifts thrown in for fun.Best lifts: 565 deadlift, 545 squat, 415 bench. Good lifting to all.


Welcome, brother. Some good lifts you have there. After a while on here they’ll only get even better.

Welcom Don, those are some good numbers Bro!!

See you around. -LW

Welcome Don, nice to see more representation from a fellow smoke eater.

Welcome!!! I am currently the 275# Law and Fire world Champion with the WABDL in the Deadlift (Took second on the bench). Glad to see more Powerlfiters here!! I Love it!! Where you from? oh ya I’m a Cop not a firefighter…

I am from the Columbus Ohio area. Planing on going to the Police and Fire Nationals in Topeka in May.Have you competed in that meet?

Hi, Don: Welcome to T-Nation!

Enter and be well!

I have not entered that meet. I usually enter WABDL and USAPL sanctioned meets, it just so happens that I am a Cop, so I enter the L & F division in addition to the open divisions…I am not against entering other competitions though. Is is strictly for L&F or is it open as well?

It is just police and fire with immediate family allowed. I might be taking my 15 yr.old to lift. He’s 6’230#

Before this thread dies out, I just found out that The WABDL is holding their National LAw and Fire meet in April, and it is going to be in Utah…I am going to go to that…If yo have the funds, you should check it out…