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Wasn't really sure where to introduce myself so thought I would do it here with a couple of pictures, I have been in and out of the gym since I was 16 but never really gone much above 12 stone, I started about 14 months ago on a more serious programme to gain some size and have gone from 12.5 to 15 stone in that time and am hoping to go higher as I am currently on my second attempt at bulking, above are a couple of pics from my starting point last year to the end of my first bulking attempt, I had 15" Biceps a 32" waist and a 42" chest, my Biceps are currently just short of 17" waist 33" and chest 46" I am carrying a higher amount of fat due to bulking but can I realistically expect to keep gaining at these rates? I will add an upto date picutre asap


This is another picture from earlier in the year, as I said I will get some upto date ones asap


Hi, buddy. Welcome. Some of the people on this forum are less than friendly so be careful to do a search before posting a question..
Regarding your pics: In my opinion, you look better in your first pic. It depends on the look you're going for, obviously, but the additional bodyfat makes you look soft and definition is blurred.
I realize you want to gain mass (we all do) but how much bodyfat are you willing to put up with?


You look great!

You have obviously gained alot of muscle since your first pic. Was it taken 14 months ago? Your shoulders and triceps looks much larger.

Another thing worth mentioning is that this is an American site, with mostly American posters, and we have no idea how much a stone is. We do have some concept of kg though.

And beleiver is dangerously close to getting flamed by X. Chops looks pretty good in his second picture, far from being fat.


Thanks for the welcome, I expected no less really but I can take critisisum and welcome any coments, I know I looked better as far as definition goes in the first picture but I was not happy with my muscle mass at all and see myself as being very skinny in that picture, I am bigger now than in the second picture and carrying even more fat which I am happy to do knowing that in the long term I will be able to loose it and regain the definition with a greater overall muscle mass, that is my goal anyway.

Thankyou for the welcome, yes the first pic was taken 14 months ago and although I am now carrying a much higher level of fat I am confident that I have added a good level of muscle but want to go further before cutting the fat, my weight was approx 79Kg and am now approx 95Kg Not sure who X is but beleiver has not said anything that has offended me :slightly_smiling:


Here is a picture taken today to show how I look at the moment


Is there a way to add more than one picture to a post?


Looking great, man. You're hardly fat.


Nice 1 :slight_smile: What would a normal weeks training look for you?


Currently I am training as follows

Monday Chest

Tuesday Legs

Wednesday Back

Thursday Shoulders

Saturday Arms

And my diet consists currently of Breakfast 9am Oatibix, Midday 2chicken breasts with new potatoes and salad, 1:30pm weightgain shake, 3:00pm prawns pasta and salad, 4:30pm weightgainer shake, 6:00pm 2 Sirloin steaks with new potatoes and garden peas, 8pm whilst at gym I have complex carbs and creatine in my water and I have a weightgain shake afterwards, 10:00pm I have a tuna salad which at the moment I substitue with takeaways every other day, mainly chinese food

Here is a picture from behind which I think shows the amount of fat I am carrying better on my lower back and sides


To add more than one picture you can go to your Hub and upload the photos there instead and then use the Photo code provided on the image and put up multiple photos in one post.


So typically how man calories would you eat in a day? And also what would your actual workout look like?

Great job btw


Just my opinion but it seems you're eating high glycemic index carbs throughout the day and eating 'complex carbs' at the most critical time for carbohydrate assimilation. I'd take a look at that and make some changes. Insulin may be elevated much of the day due to the cereal, potatoes, (high glycemic) weight gain shake, chinese food. Okay for pure bulking purposes but not good if you're trying to gain mostly muscle.


I agree w/the above. A lot of cheap carbs, and in general it seems like you could tighten up your diet a lot and really progress even quicker. Isn't a "stone" 12 or 13 lbs?


I really struggle when it comes to diet as I don't really understand what to have and when, could you give me an idea of what I would be better eating and when?


Dude, I think you're gonna get pounded for that.......But not by me.
In short, figure out all of your macro's for what you want to do, bulk/maintain/cut and then divide it up over 6 or however many meals you want to eat.
Simple carbs peri-workout with fast proteins (whey typically), complex carbs and healthy fats for other meals. When you measure with a weight scale/measuring cups you can know exactly what you're eating and not over/under estimate. Then you have a base line to evaluate.
It's much easier to tweak when you are in exact control of your diet.


Easy - carbs in morning and around workout. Otherwise, mostly protein and healthy fats (olive oil, nuts, fish etc.) with plenty of veggies.

Good carb sources are white rice, potatoes, sweet potatoes, berries, bananas, apples, oatmeal (if you don't have an adverse reaction to it).

As for the glycemic index - while it has merit, if you're eating a good amount of protein and fats with the carbs, the insuling spiking effect of high glycemic index foods is drastically lowered.

In the morning I like to eat berries in greek yogurt, an apple or banana, 3-4 eggs and sometimes a couple strips of bacon (I love the stuff). Your body responds well to carbs in the morning, so this is the time to have them. Oatmeal is a go.

Pre-workout I like to have a whey + glucose shake.

After workout, a solid meal with rice or potatoes, chicken or beef, and a good amount of veggies.

Apart from that, lots of protein + healthy fats + veggies.

Carbs are ONLY used as fuel. They have no other purpose in the body. If you don't use them, they get stored as fat. Carbs also happen to be really easy to consume in mass amounts compared to protein and good fats (you get full faster from the last 2). Thus, limiting carbs tends to limit bodyfat formation. A good amount of carbs to aim for is 100-200 grams per day.

The amount of carbs you can to eat depends on how well you handle them - some people get fat just by looking at them. Others can shovel away plates of pasta and never gain an ounce of fat. Determine which kind you are (or somehwere in the middle) and adjust your diet accordingly.


I have to say that i think you look a lot better in the first photograph with really good muscle definition.

The second picture is quite worrying as what you have there is a 'big belly' and it's not just subcutaneous fat but lots of visceral fat pushing that belly out.

I agree with post above that say that you are getting lots of high gi carbs just when you dont need them and its clear from the photos what your body is then doing with them.

I also agree that the starting work on your diet would be to simply clean things up big time, fuel up (carbs) only early in the day before or just after workouts and then go for protein / fats and very smaller amounts of low go carbs later on.

I'm not much of a computer nerd but take a look at carb cycling threads on here.

where in england are you. ??
it helps the natives (USA) to either post in kg or pounds--even i have to try to remember how many pounds to a stone !!


Can you give me an idea of what you eat in a day?, I don't train until 7:45pm due to comiments through the day, I live in Rotherham South Yorkshire


I don't think it would help too much to describe my own diet given that :

You are in your twenties ? and i am in my fifties = completely different metabolic rate and almost certainly different hormone profile.

What you need to eat will depend on several factors eg work, and training workload also how you individually handle things like carbs.

Also it's not just what you eat..but when , my pattern will be almost completely opposite as i work mainly nights and eat a lot 'on the move' in betweeen jobs.

As a piece of advice i would say that you need to take a serious look at the diet side, get a good basic book on the subject and take a good look at subjects like insulin response, there is a lot more science in this than most realise.

However as a starting point :
Ditch the take-aways
Ditch the pasta
Stop all the supplements for now and just eat basic and clean ie meat,veg, fruit and minimal amounts of grain (ic bread)
Eat very little and if anything just lean protein after your workout.