New to the Site, Need a Routine

hey guys i am new to the site let me tell ya a+ work here. well heres the deal with me any help is great. I am just shy of 6’2 and about 220 give or take a few. I play softball three nights a week and i am a farmer so i am active all day for the most part. i am prolie i would say about 20 to 30 pounds over weight and am looking for a good routine workout, i think i get good cardio during the week. and i want a good diet to follow.

i am very good to sticking with things so dont be affraid to make it a lil more difficult. i have a great weight set up well free weights anyway. there are no gyms real close to me so i am kinda limited in that part, but not affraid to buy what i need to get me on track. thanks guys


i would suggest you start with something like RIPPETOE-STARTING STRENGTH ( ) or Bill Starr 5x5 ( Yahoo | Mail, Weather, Search, Politics, News, Finance, Sports & Videos )

Be aware that diet has a bigger impact on body composition than your exercise program, so be sure to read up on nutrition as well and adjust your diet accordingly.

Ok what are your long term goals, do you just want to lose weight, gain strength, or mainly muscle mass. What are you doing at the moment with regards to weight training cardio, be more specific, and you say you have a good set of free weights be more specific again what exactly have you got.