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New to the Site and Supplements


Hello all,
I stumbled on this site when researching different supps. Im 6'5" 225lbs, I've been lifting about 4 years. I've only taken whey PWO in the past and recently decided to get serious. I started out 6'3" ish 165 lbs skin and bones lol, im proud of my progress thus far but have hit a wall, I've just stopped addinng good mass on my large frame so Im starting the Muscle Pharm stack pre and post + there natural test stimulator and protien. I hope to add most to my back and delta over the next six months. Anyway I look foward to using this site to help me along. I can add a few simple pics, I hope to add more as I gain, my goal is a 405lb deadlift and 240lb body wieght. Thanks and nice to meet you all!


Last month. Around 217lbs.


Tried CT's star complex routine today. WOW I really liked it, the overload for chest doing the top portion bench off the pins was awesome. 275 for 8, 4 sets. I hate a burn I haven't felt in awhile! I Can wait to try and overload on squats and deads!


GOOD workout today with the complexes, I think im going to start a log! Anyway good pump in the quads, the jumping squats with a dumbell had me sitting down at the end. Good stuff T Nation.


I'm a beginner too, so don't take this as critical or anything--instead of CT's latest "star whatever" routine, don't you think you should focus on just doing the basic lifts for a while first? The only reason I say this is because 4 years is a long time to still not be deadlifting 405, especially at your weight. How much are you squatting?

What does your diet look like? What program are you following as far as your training is concerned?

Honestly, supplements are for people that have the diet and training nailed down and are looking for that extra 3% boost to their performance. You seem like you're still hammering out the 97% that really builds the changes that you're hoping to affect.


Well when I started lifting I starting benching 115 and it was hard. I bench 245 now. Squat 275. I dead 365 for 2. My diet is about 4000.cal. maybe too clean right not. One thing is I never squated or dead lifted until a year ago. My training right now is still a basic 12 rep single body part a day 6.days.a.week. my intensity is good, sometimes I think to much, burning to many calories. My focus now is getting a 315 bench and a 405.dead


I guess a good explination of my training is I never trained for strength but for size plus a divorce in 2010 had me eating about 500 calories a.day lol


hey yall im gettin back into the lifting game after a good 4 yr vacation. i want to put together the best stack up of supplements that wont cause me to gain too much water weight. any suggestions?


Get on a good program. If you want a body part split, look into KingofBeef's "Do this Routine instead of that Dumb one" (and nothing personal, but take the title to heart). The fact that you say you "train for size not strength" shows that you really have no idea what you're talking about.

Another thing to realize is that your lifts, despite 4 years of lifting, are still in noob territory. I say that because owning it will help you to just consider yourself to be starting from scratch. I squat and deadlift more than you, and I've only been doing those lifts for just over 10 weeks. And as I said earlier, I'm still a noob and weak as sh**. I say this not to brag or to make you feel badly, but just as a way of saying that you should reexamine what you're doing in the weight room.

The fact that you just casually say 4000 calories without any macro breakdown or specific foods suggests that your diet probably sucks. Look into this also. 4k calories is probably too few anyway if you're that big and really training hard. On a related note, I'd doubt you're "burning too many calories" or whatever.

Again, supps are going to do about 3% of the work.

Eat a lot. Sleep well. Lift your balls off using a sensible program. Come back in a few months.


Not taking it personal, but I think my words were taken out if context. I would say i am knowledgeable, what I mean is I always trained in the 8 to 12 rep range, and didn't spend alot of time on the compound moves, what I mean by didn't train for "strength". My diet I didn't list because im on a phone and its a pain in the ass, when I can get to a computer I can list it and no it doesn't suck by any means, I just eat very clean, I want to gain size with minimal unnecessary fat., even if it takes more time. Burning to many calories during the day is without a doubt a problem for me, I load up to 21 chemical trucks a day out in the texas heat in full Frc's, and breathing air on ocasion, I sweat non stop. But that's all well and good Im feeling better everyday, weighed in at 228 this morning super lean!


Not trying to be an asshole either but after reading your log I don't know where you get off talking about eating big, I eat ALOT more than you in the day in appropriate fashion and my lifts are for at least 5 solid reps as I don't max often. I see being lazy in my posts has left me leaving the wrong impression I need to get into a computer and start logging. Thanks for your input


also not to be an asshole here, look into Jim Wendlers 5/3/1 program as well as the Westside-barbell.com
based workouts. In the last 6 months now I have added weight consistantly with all three major lifts gaining
+/- 65 pounds with a bodyweight increase of only 15. So I would have to say the POUNDS are worth the pounds.

side note, my bodyfat only increase +/- 1.5% up from 9% to 10.5 :wink:

good luck and remember that it is quality consistency that will get you where you want to be


Not to make this thread about me, but did you continue to read the log? I started out at 155 lbs. squatting 125 5 times. Couldn't even begin a pullup and could only dip bodyweight. At that point, I was eating about 3k/day as I was learning to eat big. Right now, I'm eating between 4.5 and 5k per day easy, weighing 190-195, and can squat more than you. I definitely can't speak to the relative merits of different programs and whatnot for myself, as I'm not nearly experienced enough. That said, I do know what it takes to make some progress and to gain some weight.