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New to the Site and Loving the Info So Far!

Out of shape, tired, bored and sick all the time. Then while deployed a few months ago I started to work out with a friend because there was nothing else to do. 4 Months later and I am a new man, i feel fantastic, I lost 25 pounds and about 3" off my waist.
I am still a super noob to all of this, I stumbled on to this website and boy am I glad I did.

I just want to say thank you ahead of time to all the folks on here who have posted awesome information for us new guys to use. I look forward to being a member here.

Go thru the archives.


welcome to the site. I’d recommend you read all the stickied threads in the beginners, BB, and supp and nutrition forums.

read a lot and use the search function before you start a new thread. That will really help you out when it comes to actually getting good/helpful advice.

Good luck man and congrats on the weight loss