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Just a bit about me; grew up in N. Michigan, started hitting the weights when I got to college and it's been in my blood ever since. I love to push myself and try different types of workouts, trying to go as heavy as I can most of the time.

I am currently on the thrid week of the Bill Starr 5x5. I hate cardio, but this morning did 30 minutes of it because I know it is a necessary EVIL.


SOME evils are never necessary.. :slight_smile:

That 5x5 rocks, btw.. Good to see you in the nation..


Welcome aboard


Welcome aboard. Starr is a legend and it's nice to see someone else using one of his programs (MattyXL is also doing a Starr program).

Enjoy your stay.



Welcome aboard Steve!!! I've missed you! :wink: Let's get the rest of our friends over here!!! Have a great day my friend!!!


You look young. Were you properly carded?


Welcome to the group.


So many "improvements" at the other place I couldn't hardly stand it.


I like you already, haha...thank you


Important question.

Football fan?

What teams:




He loves the Cowboys.... :slight_smile:


Okay he is now my friend also. :slightly_smiling:


welcome to elephant graveyard of lifters

DJ- again with the football stuffs.
what will you do in 5 weeks when its over?


Not another one!


You might want to hear his opinion on Suh and Fairley first.. :wink:


Welcome Led! Not sure what the other place is but we seem to be getting a lot of good posters from there, their loss.


Really? Now that has me interested, cause Cowboys are my team, but I watch all the NFL and really love the game. I have kind of gone away from the rabid fan and more of just loving the game.


Welcome aboard.


Cowboys? C'mon Flabuoy you know better. I grew up in Michigan and still a big fan of the Wolverines AND the Detroit Lions, yes, I have been waiting a loooong time for something good to happen with the Lions, and I'm all for the Suhsquad headhunting QB's.
I'm also a Oklahoma Sooner fan.
Sorry Derek542...just never have been a Cowboys fan.


lol.. that was for Lissa "Romo" Messer.. :wink: