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New to the Lifting Weights Thing

So im 17, 164, and just started getting into lifting weights since i cant play sports this year for my highschool. Anyway, I have found working out very addicting, and I am obsessed with making my goals of becoming 190 by my birthday which is in may, and to have a nice physique.

So right now my workout is:

Monday - 5:30 AM run, 30 minutes, protein shake after that, protein shake during lunch, and usually chest/triceps in the evening, followed by a protein shake again. and also abs

Tuesday - 5:30 am run, 3 protein shakes, no workout

Wednesday - 5:30 am, biceps, shoulders 3 protein shakes, and another run in the evneing,

Thursday - 5:30 am run, 3 protein shakes, back, abs

friday- 5:30 am run, 3 protein shakes, legs after school, and another run in the evening

So thats pretty much my schedule, i change it up though throughouht to keep my body guessing. and my supplements i take right now are amplify and xplode.

And i was looking at some creatine monohydrate products, and glucasumine or somethin like that to take with creatine. any recomendations on what kind? and has anybody heard/used no-xplode, ive gotten a few opinions from people but want some more

read the beginers thread at the top of this forum for starters, get your diet together and figure out how many calories you need to be taking in to gain.

look through the articles on this site and pick out a good training program.

Running multiple times a week will not help you gain 30 lbs.

oh and click on the store section of this site, you can find good creatine there, as well as other good protein powders, supplments, etc.

Why in the name of Lord Jesus do you think you can run and eat next to nothing and get HYOOOOOGE and ‘ripped’ at the same time ? ‘I drink three protien shakes’ and ‘I’m looking into creatine’ won’t get you what you want. Start off with a lot more food and cutting out the running and you’re not gonna be huge and ripped by May. And get stronger before you go on a hypertrophy program.

In addition, from all accounts, NOX-plode is B.S. Get a good multivitamin/mineral and fish oils. Worry about creatine after you get your diet in check.

you don’t just need protien after a run, you also need carbs so you can restore the glycogen storages.

Don’t drink them like they are the only thing to make you big. Eat some real food instead of drinking the shake. You really don’t need it during lunch if you are eating enough food.

Uneducated people always drink so many shakes thinking it’ll get them bigger. Just eat more!!!