New to the gym

Hey everyone, well i am new to going to the gym, mainly worked out at home. I have tried hydroxy cut and ripped fuel before no luck. but now that i am in a gym i thought i would try something good, so i bought bip test : mag 10, “m”, tribex 500, and the protein mix grow… I am 23 6ft, and abt 180lbs. I just want to bulk up alot and get cut… i plan to go to the gym abt 5 times a week.i know how to cycle the suppliments. i just need a good diet and a great work out plan… can anyone please help me ??? thanks

hey bro, go do a search on “diet manifesto” (sp). this article has most of testosterones diets outlined. look to your diet first. hydroxy did not work because it is a shitty product. it didn’t work because of your diet. this is usually the missing link with people. i would do as much research on nutrition as you can. start of course in the back issues. hope that helps.

I’m not trying to be mean here, but does anyone actually read through the site before coming to the forum to ask questions. Chris, go to the FAQ section and read all that is there. You will find all the answers you need.


How you plan to just bulk up and get cut the same time? Unless your Mr. Super Genes that aint gonna happen. Try doing one at a time, you’ll get better results that way. For a bulking workout try Convergent phase training, just do a search for CPT. For cutting try Meltdown training. Good Luck

Yes I agree- definately look at your diet. Diet coupled with proper training will give you the best results. Are you going to use all three of those in a stack or some sort of cycle? If you are, cycle your training accordingly. Hell cycle your training anyway and to a certain degree cycle your diet as well. Yes also do a lot of research on this site and others. Talk to experts. Read books… but above all listen to your body and research it. Oh also maybe only work out 4 days a week. Rest is important! Most growth and recovery I’ve found occurs during sleep- for me at least.

Don’t even consider supplements until your diet is in order. Read the “Heirarchy of Needs” by Chris Shugart as well as the FAQ. BTW: I’m hoping you mean that you want to buiild LBM (“bulk”) FIRST before you begin a cuttig plan. Can’t do both at the same time.

If you are trying to get big then you need to eat alot of protein and carbs. I am 5’9" and weigh 227. i eat about 400 grams of protein and 450 grams of carbs and 80 grams of fat a day. if you are trying to get big then you need to eat alot of food. i recomend you geting a good protein shake b/c i drink about 4 to 5 a day. when i train i lift slow and concentrating on the muscle that i am working. don’t care about the weight. i do that for two weeks. the third week i do heavy weight with low reps. i am abotu 10% bf. you have to put on weight to gain muscle and then diet to lose the weihgt. can’t be done at the same time.