New to the Game

Just started Stronglifts 5x5 on Sept 02, 2013. Been piecing together a little set up at home, so now I’m good to go.

I’m 43yrs, 5’8", 260lbs

My Goals are:

  1. Develop a solid strength base
  2. Gain some muscle
  3. Lose some fat… in that order
    And in the meantime, see what kind of numbers I can put up.

Starting weight = lbs:

  • Squats - 95
  • Bench - 80
  • Rows - 65
  • Press - 60
  • Deadlift - 115
    I can Lift more but I’m focusing on developing good form

3rd week of Stronglifts 5x5. Low back squats are difficult, not enough flexibilty in shoulders, so have to go wider with my grip but I gotta do what I gotta do. Been doing box squats on my bench (it’s 15" high) to work on technique and depth. I’m lifting on carpet; it’s not real thick and I live in a basement apt with concrete underneath but I think i need to put down some plywood for better stability but the area I lift in is kinda tight. Any suggestions?

This week:
Squats - Mon,125 Wed,130 and Fri,135
Bench - 100 110
Rows - 90 95
OHP - 75
Deadlift - 135