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New to the Game

Well hello all hope this finds everyone well. As subject says yes i am new to the game of powerlifting. Just a little about myself I have recently recovered from a illness which had me sidelined for about 9 months, of which half was spent in and out of hospital during that time i had lost most if not all of my strength and fitness but can say my health is well on the mend and was suggested to look into powerlifting to maybe get back what i had lost.

Now that being said where do i start i have never really been big into weights but have found a new intrest in them.
My current info are as follows : Weight - 282 pounds
: Height - 184 cm
: Age - 36

Any help would be very much appreciated
am wanting to gain more strength if you need more info please ask.

Thanks in advance

Hi, Warrior. What did you do sport-wise before the illness?

If you’re 6’0 tall and 282 pounds, with little to no strength, it sounds like you need to make losing weight a priority. Did you used to be heavier? I’m asking because most people with illnesses tend to lose weight, especially if they’re hospitalized for the better part of 9 months. These questions are particularly relevant if your weight had a connection to your hospitalization.

Also, has a doctor suggested that you will be limited in terms of any exercises?

And finally, ‘getting back what you lost’. What does that mean, what did you lose? Were you strong before? any lifting stats? your gym experience is relevant as well.

Hi, Cavalier was nothing pro lol just love the game of Rugby League.

And to flipcollar
wasn’t hospitalized due to any weight problems was the big bad C word that put me there.
As for how heavy i am, have always been above the 110+kg mark even during my prime sporting days my playing weight was 112kg.
The Drs have just told me to listen to my body in regards to limits
And when i say lost Yes i was strong in my eyes anyway lol due to my jobs it kept my strength levels up
(furniture removals)
Have man aged these numbers so far

BP - 140kg
DL - 170kg
SQ - 180kg

these numbers were final set of 4

Of course getting to a lighter weight is on the cards in the future but just wanted to get that power back…

I gotcha. I’m glad I asked, most people who say “I’ve never really been into lifting weights” can’t put up numbers that are even in that ballpark, much less for sets of 4. This puts you in a totally different category from what I assumed in your original post.

If you’ve never really done much serious PL-style lifting, I would go for a basic template. 5/3/1 is always a good place to start, if you haven’t looked into that before. I think the E-book is like 20 bucks, well worth it. It’s a totally easy way to get in the game, the structure is very simple. It will also have you Overhead pressing, and doing some conditioning, if those aren’t part of your routine at the moment. Wendler came up with the program when he was recovering from injury, and he was able to make significant progress with the program, so this may very well be something akin to what you’re going through.

Thanks Flip,

Will definatly look into 5/3/1 sounds like it could be where i want to explore.
and your spot on havn’t done anything resembling PL before the last month
Overhead Press, Nope have never in my life done that lift before. So it could be interesting numbers there.
Well here’s to the journey ahead and thanks again for the advice

Will keep updates on progress and the very 1st OH Press for myself :smiley: