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Alright guys, so ive been training for about 10 years now. Im 23 years old and just competed in my first NPC competition. Its time to get serious and start my first cycle(something ive been thinking about for a few years).

I have decided I am going to hit a 12 week cycle consisting of 250mg of deca and 250mg of test(e) weekly. Is this a sufficient enough cycle to put on some good size? and what should i do about post and intra cycle therapy?


What you should do is some research. Then outline your cycle better, i.e. how long before test e is the deca stopped, how long before you start pct, what you should run for pct, what ancillaries you will run on cycle to combat testicular shrinkage and high estrogen levels, what ancillary you might possibly need that is specific to using a nandralone compound.... those question should get you researching in the right direction


Well, i was thinking about stopping the deca 4 weeks before the test e. Novadex while im on to prevent testosterone issue. however once i stop pinning the deca, i will stop the novadex for roughly 2 weeks, then continue it for 4 more weeks. Now, i will also be using the test e as a pct for the deca. When i stop pinning the test, i will already be taking the nolvadex and will throw in some clomid to keep gains. All in all the first 12 weeks will be 250mg of each, and the last 4 weeks will be just the test e.


What testosterone issue?




*issues(meaning side effects)


Wrong. What are you talking about. Outline the cycle like:

Weeks 1-X , what compound, what dose.


Deca is not even that great..

I'd reccommend something like:

weeks 1-12 (since you want to do a 12 week cycle)

Test E 250mg 2x a week (monday and thursday) With 1g frontload on first day

weeks 1-12 + taper into pct
adex .25-.5mg EOD

weeks 1-5 or 7-beginning of pct
Dbol 30-50mg ED

PCT 2 weeks after last shot
Nolva 40/40/20/20


you're 23 and it's "time to get serious?" You've been "thinking about it for years?" and the best you came up with in all these years of research is , "hey guys, I'm gonna run some test and some deca"


Thank you, I'm surprised you're the only one that has said anything negative about this whole thing.


I'm just going with the test enanthate. 250mg on monday and 250mg on thursday for 12 weeks. And then the nolva will be my pct 2 weeks after my last shot.

Idolhands and trtfartcruise: I think its best to not comment on here if you're not going to have constructive stuff to say.


I think its best not to post on here if you have no idea wtf you are talking about....

"use test as pct for deca" - case and point.






lol... i couldn't believe that more people were not flaming him


this is sooo wrong on soo many levels....entertaining none the less though