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New to the Game. Thoughts?


I wrestled and played hockey in high school, then decided to let myself go until recently. I started using HCG and have been kicking up the cardio and dwindling the weight. When I get back to a comfortable weight I have thought about starting on a test cycle and hitting the lifting thing pretty hard again. Any thoughts on where to begin getting back into all this? All thoughts are appreciated.


im thinking that we need more info if you want a reasonable answer


Start with good lifting and nutrition plans. Forget about supplementing until you have your shit together.


Good answer. Keep it simple and be consistent. Lots of great info on this site if you look around and do some reading.


You should probably think about hitting the weights pretty hard and eating right before fucking with a test cycle or any other pharmaceuticals.


Please tell me you are using that homeopathic oral hCG shit.

If so, congrats on wasting your money and not putting actual drugs in your body.

lol @ test cycle