New to the game (2)

Thanks for the honest imput on my last inquiry,
your right i havent done my research,and i sounds like juic’in my be over my head,for now.
It sounds like mag10 is pretty legit,I just have a couple of ?'s…I work out regularly,am 30 years old,and am fairly cut,just no mass…ive had desent results with creatine,would you recommend still using creatine with mag10?Or is this a whole other world?Also is there anything you would add to Mag10 to increase its effects…Again thanks for your honest feedback…The SKINNY BASTARD…

You can mix creatine and MAG-10, no probs, but if it’s your first time using MAG-10 you might want to use it by itself to see how well it works for you. The main thing to add to MAG-10 is a good protein powder or MRP, just to bump up protein intake and overall calories. Make sure you’ve read the “MAG-10 Plan for Success” article at T-mag.