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Hey everyone, I decided to finally join after I have been creeping around here on and off for a few years now. I’m more of an endurance athlete so I never necessary want to ‘get big’ or ‘bulk up’ however I do find most of the articles useful on this site. I do get a chance to gain some bulk during the off season, and I’m always surprised at how quickly I put on muscle mass, but then I slowly watch it wither away when I have to start base training again :frowning:
Right now I’m trying to recover from a very recent shoulder injury, then I hope to be back at the gym soon!

good to have ya!

maybe share some stats?
what sport do you train for?

I’m an elite cyclist… I’m 6’2" 185lbs and about 10~12% body fat. I need to get down to about 175 for the racing season, while loosing a little bit up upper body mass and gaining some mass in my legs. Thats probably the exact opposite thing everyone else on the boards want to do though haha. Dropping into the single digit body fat % would be good as well…