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New to the Forums. Training 10 Years, Competing 5

Hey guys. I’ve been a long-time lurker, finally decided to sign up and post something.

I’ve been training for about 10 years, competing for 5. I got first call-outs at my first national show last month, but fell short of the IFBB pro card unfortunately. My goal is to add some quality size this upcoming year and return for the win.

My strong suits are nutrition and pharma knowledge, weak spots are knowledge about training and programming. I’m here to learn and willing to share.


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I compete in men’s physique. Here are my post-show check-in photos taken a couple days after.


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What does this mean? How did you place? What National show did you enter?
Any lineup pics for assessment?



Hi Stu. Nice to meet you and thanks for asking.

I competed in the master’s nationals in Pittsburgh. I got 5th in my class. The top 2 were awarded pro cards so I missed it by a few placings. The top 2 guys were solid and totally deserved it.

I uploaded a comparison shot from prejudging. I’m the shy one with the cartoon over my head.

Welcome- I am fairly new as well. Nice development. Good luck on your next meet. Are you going to run a cycle when you bulk?