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New to the Forums - Still Feel New to the Gym


So basically, a friend turned me onto this website and thought that I should read up on different training methods and nutrition plans.

Little bit about me, I'm a very skinny guy. I was a long distance track and cross country runner through High School. I worked out pretty sporadically even when I was at the gym, honestly I pretty much just sat around during college (went from 170 to 195 - the fat way). Girlfriend got mad - got me running again back in April. Was going fine, and then she broke up with me in june. Weighed in at 172 today with mostly running and lifting, but realized that i'm just not comfortable just being lean or skinny.

About two weeks after the break up in june I started an actual lifting program, pretty much with no practical experience what so ever. In August, I finally asked for help from some people I met in the gym and I have made gains in muscle mass since then. It's not a race right?

Anyway, I have posted pictures of my upper body to my profile, my legs and calves are so thin that it embarrasses me.

Ideally, I'm just hoping to get bigger all around - Especially in the legs. I like the progress that my chest and back are making... but I just want to be bigger. I seriously doubt that i'll ever want to compete though. I hope that's okay on this forum.


Welcome aboard brother. Few people around here compete, but that doesnt mean you shouldnt strive to be the best you can.

As long as you are passionate about lifting and learning, you will be a welcome member here.

Poke around the forums and read the archives, you'll learn everything you need here if you put in the work. The, of course, lift hard and heavy for the next 20-30 years and you'll still feel small and weak :wink:

Seriously though, just focus on getting stronger, eating better, and the gains will come. Thats how we all do it.


Yep, like Lonnie said, be consistent over the long haul and you'll get where you want to go. If more questions pop up along the way, for sure toss them up here somewhere.

I was 6'2" and 170 in high school, so I kinda get where you're coming from. No worries, man.

You're 6'4" and 170-ish, so you're a tall lanky dude, but from your pics, your frame seems solid. Check out this article for some general advice about training for your build:

Make sure you're eating plenty. Three or four good meals everyday, plus a workout shake when you train. Try to base your food choices off the foods mentioned here:

Any more particular advice will kinda depen on what you're actually doing now. What does your current workout plan look like? What days, exercises, sets, and reps are you doing?


Sweet!!! Thank you for the links.

Both were really interesting