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New to the Forums, Routine Advice Needed


I’m a first time poster, and would like to get opinions on my routine.

Looking to bulk up, and haven’t really worked out before. Here’s my proposed routine:

Monday: Chest/triceps
Tuesday: Back/biceps
Wednesday: Off
Thursday: Shoulders/traps
Friday: Legs, abs, and forearms.

Monday: Decline bench, incline bench, cable cross overs, skull crushers, and dips.

Tuesday: Pull ups, lat row, seated row, lat pulldowns, barbell curls.

Wednesday: Rest

Thursday: Dumbell press, front dumbell raise, side dumbell raise, shrugs.

Friday: Squats, lunges, calve raise, dumbell wrist curls, crunches, leg raises, and side bends with weight.



ID ADD IN legs on weds, or sunday again, and what rep ranges and sets?
-db press/db bench flys
-incline db press

what is your goal with this routine