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New to the Forum


Hi. I just signed up and wanted to introduce myself. My name is Lorne from Toronto. I'm 45, and an avid trainer...seeking inspiration and knowledge from other trainers over 35/40 years of age. Looking forward to learning a lot on this site. Thanks!


Welcome aboard man... have you checked out the archives?


Welcome aboard.
I'm fairly new as well, but can tell you that you've come to the right place.
You'll find a lot of great information and inspiration on this site. In addition to useful info, you'll probably bust a gut laughing at some of these guys as well.




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It's Vroom's kid brother!


At first I thought you said, "rabid trainer." A lot of the people here are just that. The remainder are just plain avid. Welcome neighbor. Port Perry here.



Welcome fellow Canadian!
Like the others, I agree that you have found a great site!


Let me add my welcome to the others. I'm 46, love this site, and am practically right across the water in Rochester, NY.


Welcome to the forum; 50 y.o from southern NJ. Hope you stay here and share your wisdom and workouts with us!


Welcome to the forum.This is a great place to bounce your traning around.