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Body Fat: ?

Flat bench:
Dumbbell 100lbs x 2 (no spot)
Barbell 225x 5 (with spot)

Incline Bench:
Dumbbell: 90x4

Ive been training 4-6 times a week but soon it will be 7 days a week (with over training precautions taken into consideration)

Welcome aboard.

DOn’t be a douche and you’ll be fine.


Cool. Welcome to the team.

[quote]JoeyPoops wrote:
Flat bench:
Dumbbell 100lbs x 2 (no spot)
Barbell 225x 5 (with spot)

Incline Bench:
Dumbbell: 90x4[/quote]
Good work so far, but… squat, deadlift, row, overhead press?

How? And, more importantly, why?

Overhead press:
dumbell: 80lbs x 6
100lbsx 4/w spot

Shrugs: 315lbs x 4


Close grip cable: 200x6

T-bar(close,mid,wide): 135lbsx 8
180lbsx 3

Squat: 245lbsx 6

Seated calf raises: 360lbsx 16

Deadlifts: haven’t really been doing them too much, i changed my grip altogether on shrugs and deadlifts because i overdeveloped my left trap, I’m now starting to grab the bar with my hands gripped the same.

*I feel as if training 7 days a week is a good way to keep busy and motivated, I’m also contemplating playing football in the season to come, I also have an interest in boxing, so i figure if i train my main muscle groups 4/7 days and spend the other 3 on cardio, heavy bag training, and abdominal exercises it would be a good regimen

*barbell shrugs

7 days a week is a very committed and intense amount of lifting.

How are you planning on splitting up the bodyparts over those days?

Monday: Legs/back
Squats, Ham curls, Leg extensions, standing calf raises, seated calf raises, hack squats, leg press.Dead lifts

Tuesday: Chest
Flat bench dumbbell, incline dumbbell, decline barbell, dumbbell pullovers, flat dumbbell fly, incline dumbbell fly, cable crossovers. (I’m going to alternate barbell and dumbbell for chest presses every two-three sessions)

Wednesday: Heavy bag/Abs
6x 1 min heavy bag sessions, 30 second-1 minute breaks in between, side bends with dumbbells, planks/side planks. Leg raises for abs, incline sit ups, I’ll add more as i see fit. Also Going to do some form of cardio for 30 minutes.

Thursday: shoulders/triceps
Dumbbell press,cable upright row, barbell Head crushers, standing tricep extension, cable tricep extensions, cable tricep push downs, much more to be added.

Friday: Heavy Bag/abs
same shit

Saturday: Bicep/Back
bent over dumbbell row, t-bar row, lat pull down, seated row. back Stretches in between sets. Tons of bicep shit

Sunday:Heavy bag/Abs

I’ll begin this religiously in the new year.

Hi noob.
Welcome to T-Nation.
Listen kiddo, 7 days a week is too much. I would aim for a 11 day fortnight.

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