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new to the forum

allow me to introduce myself, i am the oak, my real name is josh, i am 6’2" 294 pounds, i love lifting and i love learning, t-mag is great, so i assume this forum is great, i live in tiajauna, haha, everything is good here!!! i work out, i eat right, and i supplement right, i love to help others, and i love to learn, thanks for allowing me on your forum, some numbers on me, i don’t max out, too psychological for me, bench, 225 for 29 strict reps, squat, 500 for 6 to 8 strict reps, deadlift, 635 for 4 to 6 reps, i love it, wanna get bigger and stronger, hello everyone, i am the oak, nice to meet you

I think there’s already an oak on the forum.

Hi, I am the larch. Ho-ho, life is good, I am the larch.

Hey Oak, your in good company here and welcome to the forum. You`ll some of the funniest stuff in the “off topic” room.

Hey, good to meet you, but like drax said, there is already an oak on the forum. How about trying something else?

6’2", 294 pounds and you want to get bigger??? You must already be the biggest thing in TJ!!

my apologies for offending anyone with the oak, arnold has always been my favorite, and in response to 6’2" 294 in tj, yeah, i am a circus walking, lol, it is great though, and the gym is great too, i workout at hard body gym on mutualismo, they have posters of all the greats everywere in the gym, and it is pretty hardcore, but it is nice being the biggest and strongest in the gym, so i resign “the oak” and will now be big joshua, thanks for the welcome those that welcomed me, josh

no offense taken. I take the name from the tree, but I do like Arnold too. Welcome to the forum.