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New to the Forum - Returning after 18 Year Hiatus

Hello Everyone, yep just as the tile says, after an 18yr hiatus I’m back to hitting the weights. Competed NPC from 96-00. After my last show in 00, life got in the way as priorities shifted. On a very light TRT to which my body responded nicely. Looking to incorporate a little more, new to the forum don’t want to break any guidelines…like to post a couple pics, current TRT, get some feedback on what I’m looking to incorporate into my regimen.

welcome aboard

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Thanks…Pics are exactly 6mo apart

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Got to love muscle memory. Got any old stage pics?

Heres a couple from the Atlantic States “The Bev Francis” in NYC - I want to say this one was back in 99. Lightweight class came in at 154(shredded down from 190)…its a picture of a picture sorry for the quality lol


Nice how old was you there ?

I was 25 there…44 now.

Can I discuss my gear and dosages here? Looking for some insight. Sorry if thats a dumb question lol, never discussed/posed these kinds of topics online before.

You can this site has sub forums that you can take advantage of. So your in luck

Cool, which section can I post it in? Still getting used to this site’s format.

If your just want to post your daily lifting you can do it in here or the training log section.

If you wanting more in depth discussion on TRT or Gear use…



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Welcome back, I am sure your contemporaries missed you. 18 years is such a long time. a child who was born by the time were leaving has matured and could be contributing here. But it is a good thing for you to be back. I wish you the best.

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