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New to the Club

So yes, I have oficially joined the 35 & over crew. Actually I did last year but didn’t know this group was here till a few days ago…

One question for all of you, so I have been lifting for over 4-5 yrs and while i have always concentrated on powerlifting systems…(mainly 5/3/1) i want to make a switch. Losing weight in the past was a hassle but I joined a BJJ club along with my kids and i have shred over 30 lbs…literally by clothes look funny as hell on me. Training 6-8 hrs per week on the mat. I’m down to 210 lbs at 6ft. i’ve lost lots of power & strength and my 1RM have gone down dramatically (retested them yesterday).

Current 1RM: These lifts may be skewed, kind of an off day, and just getting past flu and throat infection…
Bench 205 (always a weak lift, due to shoulders)
Squat 315
Dlift 345 (very sad here, was formerly 475)
Military 135

My issue: Though 5/3/1 is highly recommended to support mma, bjj and other contact sports. I am looing for a change, been hitting that system for quite a few years now. Need a refresher.

Goal: Well since I am losing so much weight, i thought i would try and improve my physique without sacrificing strength too much.

what direction should i go, systems, trainers. I tend to fall off the grid i dont have any direction and want to avoid it by rapidly changing to something I can follow.

Any ideas…and of course a few sarcastic comments are always acceptable…

thanks, Mike

As for programs that represent a good mix between BBing and strength training, I think Layne Norton’s PHAT system has a lot going for it. Might take a look at that. (You can find a number of Forum posts about it here on T Nation.)

Hi Mike - why not check out kettlebell routines. They are a great diversion from straight weight training.

We talk about how to balance training and BJJ. Grappling fight training in combat sports all the time.
This topic comes up there plenty.

531 is fine But it’s super boring
I’ve found when I did compete in judo wrestling BJJ etc strength training two times a week
Worked well - strength stayed fine and t didn’t impact 4-5 days of judo or visa versa

There is a two day a week template for 531 that’s pretty solid.
I found some TBT style programs that I did well with. On just training two days

I also did Joe Defracos program built like a bad ass
Surprisingly it was good - easy on the joints
A reasonable amount of semi explosive things and finishers to keep it interesting