New to the board

Hey guys,
I’m new to the T-Mag forum but I’ve been training for 7 years, but prety hardcore for about 4 years. I competed in strongman until my recent double hernia but once I get that repaired I’m going to go back in to the circuit.
I really dig this site and these forums. There’s a guy who I buy protein from monthly in Calgary, Alberta, Canada and he told me about this site.
Anyone else here from Calgary? Anyone else here ever do any strongman training?
Have a good one guys.


New to the board, huh? I think we all know who this “hardcore” guy is…

is it the slothe dude?

Do you find it difficult to remain at 1 % bodyfat while being 6’6, 400 pounds?

On a side note … how is chunk doing these days?

You don’t have a brother named JACKED, do you?

Wassup RAGINGHULK? It is I - the little nerd who sells you your protein.

Guys - chill out!!! This guy is for real. He doesn’t realise that his name closely resembles some other goofballs that have posted here in the past.

Now, kiss and make-up!

Hey what’s up Steele! I finally found out how to post on this board. Sweet!
Thanks for the heads up about this forum, it seems like everyone is pretty involved and receptive about what’s going on in the iron game. It’s good to know.
As for the rest of the guys, sorry if my posts misled you, but no, I’m not some guy who is trying to start or HAS started crap. I’m just a newbie!


p.s. - Steele - How’s the training going? You told me you were going to concentrate on your deadlift, has it been going up?

RAGINGHULK: Hit a bit of a slump. Just became really unmotivated and depressed. (Curiously, this happened right smack dab in the middle of my first MAG-10 cycle… coincidence?) Been comin’ back around though! Figure I should be good for a new PR tomorrow as a matter of fact. I’ll keep ya posted.

are you related to BIGCONAN or JACKEDHULK or whatever his name was?

My apologies Hulk.

Mine as well. But really, if you don’t want to deal with this sort of thing for the next six months, you might consider changing your handle.


Hey guys,
Thanks for the heads up regarding the name. Can you guys tell me (just be concise) about what this guy did to cause so much friction?

Thanks all.


Just do a search for JACKEDHULK and BIGCONAN. You’ll get the idea…