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Hey guys/girls,

Just thought I would make my first ever post on T-Nation. I have been lurking this site for many years now, have thoroughly enjoyed it and learnt a lot.

I really enjoy lifting, have trained properly for about ~2 years. I had a bad period in life where I stopped training a few years ago, have been back into it for one year. In this past year I have focused on losing a lot of the excess fat I gained from bad lifestyle habits and no exercise, got up to ~300 lbs of FAT.

As for training, mainly have focused on gaining strength and accumulating size as a result of eating. Have of course made mistakes along the way such as STOPPING arm training, not focusing on pressing movements (really shit bench) etc, but am working to improve these weak points.

My stats:

Age: 21
Height: 6'0 - 6'2 (Somewhere in there lol, closer to 6'2 I think)
Weight: 104kg/ 230 lbs
Bodyfat: Fuck knows, ~15 % + ?

Current Best Lifts:

Squat: ~200kg (440 lbs) x 1, 140kg (315 lbs) x 12 + (no belt)
Bench: ~110 kg (242 lbs) X 1 (weak, I know!)
Deadlift: ~ 220kg (500 lbs) x 1, 400lbs x 8 + reps (no belt)

The ~ indicates estimated 1 R.M based on the weights I'm using for weight, reps on 5/3/1. I am not 100% sure that I could do all the 1 R.M's RIGHT at the moment, as I am on very low calories, but in a maintenance week from dieting I notice rapid strength increases. I am honest with these numbers and not making them up!

Short term goals is to get to ~ 10% bodyfat by September, then start to bulk again intelligently without excess fat gain as happened in the past. The only reason I'm keen on this is because I have been fat most of my life and want to see what my body looks like lean.

Long term I wish to get as huge as possible and step on stage one day.

Any advice, feedback or questions would be great.



Welcome and goodluck with reaching your goals!

Hope you’ll like it here (Which I’m sure you will, as you’ve been lurking for years anyways)