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New to Testosterone Replacement Therapy

I had 3 bouts of orchitis; the first one my balls swelled up like a grapefruit and hospitalized for 7 weeks. my doc says my low T is caused by that (happened 4 years ago) so I’m on replacement therapy. 200mg/2 weeks to start. my original free testosterone level was 6.8 mmol/L how low is that?

I feel a great difference mentally and physically the effects diminish after 10 days of the dose my drive and ambition is coming back but not quite there. do i need an increase?

does testosterone really cause ball shrinkage? i take a long time to cum jackin off before the therapy like 2.5 hrs can I expect to ejaculate quicker? i would like to!

What things should I expect with therapy? will my secondary sexual characteristics be amplified?
will my voice deepen more?

is it normal to jack off more than 2 to 3 times a day especially the first 5 days after dosing?

will I get more seminal fluid ejaculating?

will i get body odour?

will i build up bulk? i would like to the image shows me now will i develope more muscle tone?

can someone help?


No you need to inject more frequently

It can. Maybe

Feeling better (like a normal person). Most likely. Most likely.


Probably not


If you work out and eat right for your goals. If you work out and eat right for your goals.


Thanks for answering most of my questions

I feel better but thhings could be better like drive and ambition. I have an appt with my doc next week and will discuss everything with him.

I’m keeping a journal of my experiences of starting and maintaining testosterone.