New to Testosterone and Bodybuilding

Hi. I have been taking clenbuterol and I’ve just finished my first 2 week cycle. I’m looking at cruising on testosterone now. Can anybody please give me some advice I’m 41 years old and currently 14st.

Provide more info about yourself. Height plus weight and BF. Perhaps a pic without your face. Goals? Type and years training? Did you get pre-test labs yet?

And what do you want to do? What are the goals? What dose are you looking to cruise on? And if I understand what you typed then you considered your clenbuterol usage a cycle and now you are rolling into a test only cruise? You might need to do some more reading and learning before you do anything else. Do you have any test experience? If so how much? How high, how long?

Just a but of friendly guidance, no one will set out a plan for you and really the way you presented it seems like you want that. You have to present a plan and goal then we can share from our experience relative to what you are wanting. Usually the guys that come one here and basically ask for everyone to tell them what to do end up getting it from the forum. So get us a comprehensive background and a set of goals.