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New to Test Cypionate and Gel


so...my Dr. had me on Testim Gel...no luck. Switched to Test Cyp injections at home...he suggested 300mg every 2-weeks. I'm reading 75mg twice a week is better. Any feedback? Also, can I still use he gel and expect more positive gains? By the way, my goals are very unique! I want to gain muscle size and lose body fat...I think that means an overall change in body composition! What a surprise! Thanks for your feedback...


Can anyone explain to me why doctors always prescribe cyp instead of enth if the patient is going to shoot so infrequently? Serious question.

As for advice, are you on HRT but are looking to up the dose for a while? Gain muscle size and lose body fat are at odds, unless you are interested in mediocre results. Choose one and focus on that. Do another cycle later and focus on the other.


Just cut up the 300, at least to once per week (150 each week) and buy a good AI on your own. Ignore about 90% of what any doctor tells you and read the threads by KSMan on this site.

If you want to use the Testim, do 2 tubes on the 2 days before a weekly shot. Do 2 tubes on the one day before any other shorter interval.