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New to Test, am I Doing It Right?


So I started my first injection this week on Sunday of 375mg Test-E. I took .5mg of amidrex Monday and another .5mg today (Thursday) am I doing this correctly? I have heard too much can cause joint paint I have some uncomfortableness in my knees but I have also been doing a lot of cardio. Do I need to scale back the amidrex?


You are only on 375mg test every week? Everyone is different and only way to know is bloodwork. Honesly, first cycle, test only, dont use AI untill u have sides or you will be playing guessing game the whole cycle. When guys start out with an AI and start having problems there is no way to know if the problem is from high estrogen or low estrogen and many of the same sysptoms occur from both. Its better to not use an AI and then if you have issues add an AI. Because u cant have low estrogen if u aremt on an AI. This way you know for certainty that this issue is because of high estrogen. Most guys will not have any side effects from using 500mg test ew without an AI. This doesnt mean there estrogen isnt high. What I would do is drop AI. Wait 4 weeks. This is when test levels and estrogen levels will peak. If no side effects or high estrogen sides, add .5mg ew for a couple weeks. See how u feel and ajust if necessary. But its a guessing game without bloodwork. And low estrogen is just as bad for you as high estrogen. But you shouldnt need more than .5 mg ew for 375 mg test. But everyone is different. You taking two .5mg doses of adex in first week defiantly tanked your estrogen, imo.