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hello guys and gals, i’m an english guy who’s been training for a couple of years for rugby and general strength and fitness. never trained for size although i’m quite well built.

recently i’ve been training for the royal marine commando’s officer selection (i’ve cut down on my weights, just going to the gym 2times a week to keep everything firm) and increased my long-distance running and bodyweight shifting exercises (wide grip pull-ups, push-ups and sit-ups - do three times a week with maybe a short run and some push ups over the weekend).

in 2 weeks i’ll have been through my physical assessment part of selection and i’ll have either passed or failed. regardless, after this i’m wanting to start building a bit more muscle and lose some bodyfat. i have a very good foundation to work from but i was wandering if i could get some advice from you guys as to which supplements i should stack.

at the moment i’m using nothing but creatine and protein along with a good diet for my training.

for when i get back into my weights (and i really can’t wait!!) i’ve been looking at (the obvious) creatine monohydrate and protein but also TRIBEX and Carbolin 19 from Biotest and possibly maximuscle’s hmb-1000.

what do you think?

other than this, there’s not much else i can afford. i do have some Spike pills but i prefer to only use them when i’m really drained and can’t face that late run or the gym. normally tho, i have more than enough energy.

if i’m using these Biotest supplements, can i still go out for beers on the weekend? is there anything that i should avoid? my friend who recommended i check out the Spike tabs is going to try TRIBEX and Carbolin 19 too but he’s a pot-head, maybe his balls will fall off with the estrogen/testosterone fluctuations he’s bound to get. ha!

sorry for the long post, hope everyone’s well and thanks for reading.



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