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I’ve been training hardcore for a solid year now. I was around 170lb - 175lb (fluctuated) when I started training at Gold’s Gym in Sheffield, AL. I had a pretty good deal worked out w/the new owner where I would clean a few hours a week for a free membership. Well, 8 months later w/no notice or refund to any of the members the ass fuck of an owner decided to shut the gym down.

This gym was established in 1992 and he run it to the ground in 8 moths. I didn’t know what to do cause I had just recently started to really get somewhere with my physique. I originally started lifting just to gain strength, but about a month prior to the closing of the gym I decided to make a commetment to myself to pursue a career in fitness.

My weight was 207lb when the gym shut down. I told myself that gyms might shut down, but I aint. It’s just a pebble in my path to greatness :). Anyways, I decided to take my training to the local YMCA in Florence, AL. It is the best I can do because they offer income based assistance since it’s a gov. run facility. I only have to pay $7 a month and I can surely swing that.

Anyways, my current weight is 219lb. and I am more excited than ever. I want to keep the gains coming. My strength has definately improved and my physique is starting to show signes of dedication. I was curious if there was a way here on T-Nation to locate fellow trainers of the iron game?

I am trying to find a dedicated partner in the NW region of AL. My gym as previously stated is the YMCA of Florence, AL. If someone could inform me if it is possible as to how to locate other T-Nation members near me I would greatly appreciate it. I have had a couple partners in the past, but no one ever truely stuck w/it nor pushed themselves like I did. However, I did notice that when I had a partner I was able to push myself harder w/more weight or reps.

I am planning on getting certified as a trainer as soon as I get the money together to purchase a home based course and I am setting my goals high. I know there are all kinds of career opportunities in fitness, however, I am setting my goal on a pro card.

I got a long way to go, but it’s gonna be one hell of a trip there and if all else fails I got plenty of other fitness careers to fall back on. Anyways, there’s my first post and hopefully not the last. Glad to be a part of T-Nation!

[quote]Guardian_Entp wrote:
IF someone could inform me if it is possible as to how to locate other T-Nation members near me I would greatly appreciate it.[/quote]
I’d either try checking out the T-Nation Member Map (though not everyone is listed on it):

Or just start a new thread titled something like “Training Partner in AL?” People have used those before to try to find folks. It’s not guaranteed to work, but, it’s probably worth a shot.

Bro, I’m very sorry if I sound like a dick, but, it’s ‘career’. You want a fitness ‘career’. A fitness carrier is a bag you put dumbbells in, or something. I’m really sorry to point this out, but you said that a few times, and it was killing me.

Anyhow, that’s a great weight gain you’ve made so far. Stick with it. Good luck with finding a partner.

Well, I went back and edited my post. Not sure if it worked though. Seems like posts are slow on this site before they actually show up. Anyways, thanks for the help. I checked out that map thing and I located only 2 people on there near me, however, when I say near I am referring to 70-75 miles away. So, I don’t think that will work. As far as the grammer thing goes, when I haven’t spelt out a word in a very long time I tend to forget the correct way to spell it, but I appreciate the pointer. Maybe my edit will post soon. I guess I can try making a new post titled: Partner in NW Region of AL., like you suggested.